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Artist Sort Discography Bio
Ozoma HH, Ozoma  
H.U.V.A. NetworkH.U.V.A. NetworkDiscographyBio
Helene HørlyckHørlyck, Helene  
Joe HébertHébert, Joe  
Mark HaarHaar, Mark  
Iro HaarlaHaarla, Iro   
Janet HaarvigHaarvig, JanetDiscographyBio
Natalie HaasHaas, NatalieDiscographyBio
Lloyd HaberHaber, Lloyd   
Steve HaberHaber, Steve  
Pepe HabichuelaHabichuela, Pepe  
Michael HackettHackett, Michael  
Steve HackettHackett, Steve  
Lua HadarHadar, Lua  
Amir John Haddad 'El Amir'Haddad, Amir John  
Jamey HaddadHaddad, Jamey  
Travis HaddixHaddix, Travis   
Charlie HadenHaden, Charlie  
Meklit HaderoHadero, Meklit   
Patrick Lee HadleyHadley, Patrick Lee  
Wolfgang HaffnerHaffner, Wolfgang  
The Hafler TrioHafler Trio, The  
Hagalaz' RunedanceHagalaz' Runedance  
Brian HagenHagen, Brian  
Angela HagenbachHagenbach, Angela   
Andy HagertyHagerty, Andy  
Kathy HaggertyHaggerty, KathyDiscographyBio
Michael Hagginshaggins, michael Bio
Hilary HahnHahn, Hilary  
Steve HahnHahn, Steve   
Jürgen HaibleHaible, Jürgen  
Taref de HaidouksHaidouks, Taref de  
Haiku (The Haiku Project)Haiku Project  
Haimovitz, Crow, McNabneyHaimovitz, Crow, McNabney   
Matt HaimovitzHaimovitz, Matt   
Tim HainHain, TimDiscographyBio
Emily Haines & the Soft SkeletonHaines, Emily & the Soft Skeleton  
Greg HainesHaines, Greg   
Jennifer HainesHaines, Jennifer  
Taro HakaseHakase, Taro  
Tom HakeHake, Tom  
Omar HakimHakim, Omar   
Hassan HakmounHakmoun, HassanDiscographyBio
Michael HalaasHalaas, MichaelDiscography 
Jeremy HaladynaHaladyna, Jeremy   
Hālau Hula Ka No`eauHālau Hula Ka No`eau  
Yndi HaldaHalda, Yndi  
Pedro HaldemannHaldemann, Pedro  
Billy HaleHale, BillyDiscographyBio
Edward HaleHale, Edward  
Malynda HaleHale, Malynda  
Terry Lee HaleHale, Terry LeeDiscographyBio
Dennis HaleyHaley, Dennis  
Jill HaleyHaley, Jill  
Sylvia HalkinHalkin, Sylvia  
Barry HallHall, Barry   
Geoff HallHall, Geoff  
Jim HallHall, Jim  
La Tanya HallHall, La Tanya  
Lani HallHall, Lani  
Lawton HallHall, Lawton   
Steve HallHall, Steve  
Trevor HallHall, Trevor   
Daryl Hallhall,daryl  
Laura HalladayHalladay, Laura  
Brett Hallam HollandHallam Holland, Brett   
Paul HalleyHalley, Paul  
Kim HallidayHalliday, Kim  
Halloween, AlaskaHalloween, Alaska  
Neera HallsHalls, Neera  
Runar HalonenHalonen, Runar  
Doug HalperHalper, DougDiscographyBio
Steven HalpernHalpern, Steven Bio
Bettman HalpinHalpin, Bettman   
Anthony HalsteadHalstead, Anthony  
Frode HaltliHaltli, Frode   
Larry HamHam, Larry   
Grainne HamblyHambly, GrainneDiscographyBio
Yasmine HamdanHamdan, Yasmine   
Peter Michael HamelHamel, Peter Michael  
Doug HamerHamer, Doug  
Andy HamillHamill, Andy  
Fred HamiltonHamilton, Fred   
Mike HamiltonHamilton, Mike  
Nathan HamiltonHamilton, Nathan   
Scott HamiltonHamilton, Scott  
Steve HamiltonHamilton, Steve   
Susan HamiltonHamilton, Susan  
Thomas HamiltonHamilton, Thomas  
Tom HamiltonHamilton, Tom  
Marvin HamlischHamlisch, Marvin  
Hammer On!Hammer On!  
Doug HammerHammer, DougDiscographyBio
Jan HammerHammer, JanDiscographyBio
Lisa HammerHammer, Lisa  
Michael HammerHammer, Michael  
Sarah HammerHammer, Sarah   
Todd Hammes and his Tool and Drum OrchestraHammes, Todd and his Tool and Drum Orchestra, Todd  
Perter HammillHammill, Perter   
Peter HammillHammill, Peter   
Lorraine & Bennett HammondHammond, Lorraine & Bennett   
Brad HammonsHammons, Brad   
Schorsch HampelHampel, Schorsch  
Karsten HamreHamre, Karsten  
Hamsa LilaHamsa Lila Bio
Hamza El Dinhamza el din  
Hana BlueHana Blue  
Daigo HanadaHanada, Daigo  
Herbie HancockHancock, HerbieDiscographyBio
Steve HancoffHancoff, SteveDiscographyBio
Joyce HandlerHandler, Joyce  
Hands Upon Black Earthhands upon black earth  
Roy HanesHanes, Roy   
Janne HanhisuantoHanhisuanto, Janne   
Darren HanlonHanlon, Darren   
Michael HannaHanna, MichaelDiscographyBio
Sir Roland HannaHanna, Roland Sir  
Hannah in the WarsHannah in the Wars  
Lars HannibalHannibal, LarsDiscographyBio
Lisa HanniganHannigan, Lisa   
Henrik HannisdalHannisdal, Henrik  
Neil HannonHannon, Neil  
The Hanover BandHanover Band  
Glen HansardHansard, Glen  
Eric HansenHansen, Eric  
Sven Hansen (Ivo Keers)Hansen, Sven  
Kristy HansonHanson, Kristy   
Bo HanssonHansonn, Bo  
Wu Hao-enHao-en, Wu  
Happy RhodesHappy Rhodes  
Fareed Haque and The Flat Earth EnsembleHaque and The Flat Earth Ensemble, Fareed   
Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth EmsembleHaque, Fareed  
Fareed HaqueHaque, Fareed  
Har & AltusHar & Altus  
John HarbisonHarbison, John  
The Hard Road TrioHard Road Trio  
Gloria HardimanHardiman, Gloria   
Ronan HardimanHardiman, RonanDiscography 
Hardin BurnsHardin Burns  
Cecil HardingHarding, Cecil  
Lavon HardisonHardison, Lavon   
Richard HardyHardy, Richard  
Har Harnay HareeHaree, Har Harnay  
Eric Hargett TrioHargett, Eric  
Roy HargroveHargrove, Roy  
Joy Harjo and Poetic JusticeHarjo and Poetic Justice, Joy  
Joy HarjoHarjo, Joy  
Sean HarknessHarkness, SeanDiscographyBio
Matt HarlanHarlan, Matt   
David HarlandHarland, David   
Eric HarlandHarland, Eric  
John HarleHarle, JohnDiscographyBio
Doug HarmonHarmon, Doug  
Zac HarmonHarmon, Zac   
The Harmonic ChoirHarmonic Choir  
Harmonic EarthHarmonic Earth  
Harmonious WailHarmonious Wail  
Harp 46Harp 46DiscographyBio
The Harp ConsortHarp Consort  
Everette HarpHarp, Everette  
Ben HarperHarper, Ben  
Ben and Ellen HarperHarper, Ben and Ellen   
Darren HarperHarper, Darren  
Devery HarperHarper, Devery   
Roderick HarperHarper, Roderick  
Harpeth RisingHarpeth Rising  
Tom HarrellHarrell, Tom  
William HarringtonHarrington, William   
The Bill Harris QuintetHarris Quintet, The Bill  
Betty HarrisHarris, Betty   
Corey HarrisHarris, Corey  
Emmylou HarrisHarris, Emmylou  
Fletcher HarrisHarris, FletcherDiscographyBio
Frank HarrisHarris, FrankDiscographyBio
Jarred Harrisharris, jared  
Jeanette Harrisharris, jeanette  
Jerome HarrisHarris, Jerome  
Jesse Harris & the FerdinandosHarris, Jesse  
Jesse HarrisHarris, JesseDiscographyBio
Kim HarrisHarris, Kim  
Marilyn HarrisHarris, MarilynDiscographyBio
Matthew J. HarrisHarris, Matthew J.DiscographyBio
Reggie HarrisHarris, Reggie  
Robbie HarrisHarris, Robbie  
Robert Harrisharris, robert  
Stefon HarrisHarris, Stefon  
Charley HarrisonHarrison, Charley   
Dhani HarrisonHarrison, Dhani  
Donald Harrisonharrison, donald  
Ed HarrisonHarrison, Ed   
Gavin HarrisonHarrison, Gavin   
George HarrisonHarrison, George  
Lou HarrisonHarrison, Lou   
Mark Harrison QuintetHarrison, MarkDiscographyBio
Michael HarrisonHarrison, Michael   
Michael Allen HarrisonHarrison, Michael AllenDiscographyBio
Don HarrissHarriss, DonDiscographyBio
Rebecca HarroldHarrold, Rebecca  
Eric HarryHarry, Eric  
Antonio HartHart, Antonio   
Beth HartHart, Beth   
Bill HartHart, Bill  
Corey HartHart, Corey  
Cynthia HartHart, Cynthia  
Dave And Emma HartHart, Dave And Emma  
John Hart TrioHart, John  
John HartHart, John  
Mickey HartHart, Mickey  
Richard Hart Quartethart, richard quartet  
Scott HartleyHartley, Scott  
Dan HartmanHartman, Dan  
Ed HartmanHartman, Ed  
Johnny HartmanHartman, Johnny   
Thomas de HartmannHartmann, Thomas de  
Jennifer HartswickHartswick, Jennifer  
Krispen HartungHartung, Krispen  
Harvey SHarvey S  
Andrew HarveyHarvey, Andrew   
Micaela HaslamHaslam, Micaela  
Elias HaslangerHaslanger, Elias   
Paul HaslingerHaslinger, Paul  
Jimmy HaslipHaslip, Jimmy  
Steve HassHass, Steve  
Mariem HassanHassan, Mariem  
Julián HasseHasse, Julián  
Eltjo HasselhoffHasselhoff, Eltjo   
Jon HassellHassell, JonDiscographyBio
Chalf HassanHassen, Chalf  
Carla HassetHasset, Carla   
Klaus HastermannHastermann, Klaus  
Olaf HasvenHasven, Olaf   
Chihei HatakeyamaHatakeyama, Chihei  
Porya HatamiHatami, Porya   
Ken HatfieldHatfield, KenDiscographyBio
Takayuki HattoriHattori, Takayuki  
Chris HaugenHaugen, Chris  
John HaughmHaughm, John Bio
Franz HaukHauk, Franz   
Markus HaukeHauke, Markus   
Steve HaunHaun, SteveDiscographyBio
Haunted WindchimesHaunted Windchimes  
Steve HauschildtHauschildt, Steve  
Stjepan HauserHauser, Stjepan   
Christoph HausmannHausmann, Christoph  
Alberto HaussHauss, Alberto   
David HauzeHauze, David   
Havana MasetrosHavana Masetros  
Richie HavensHavens, Richie  
Ian HawgoodHawgood, Ian   
Hawk DreamHawk Dream  
China HawkHawk, China  
Fiona JoyHawkins, FionaDiscographyBio
Jim HawkinsHawkins, Jim   
Phil HawkinsHawkins, Phil  
Steve HawkinsHawkins, Steve  
Alan HawkshawHawkshaw, Alan  
Kirsty HawkshawHawkshaw, Kirsty  
Goldie Hawnhawn, goldie  
Mayer HawthorneHawthorne, Mayer  
Colin HayHay, Colin  
Lili HaydnHaydn, LiliDiscographyBio
Rick Haydonhaydon,rick  
Martin HayesHayes, Martin DiscographyBio
Michael HayesHayes, Michael  
Nigel HayesHayes, Nigel  
Ralph E. HayesHayes, Ralph E.  
Todd HaygoodHaygood, ToddDiscographyBio
Robyn HayleHayle, Robyn  
Graham HaynesHaynes, Graham  
Jeff HaynesHaynes, Jeff  
Kimberly HaynesHaynes, KimberlyDiscographyBio
Roy HaynesHaynes, Roy  
Warren HaynesHaynes, Warren  
Vagahn HayrapetyanHayrapetyan, Vagahn  
Kevin HaysHays, Kevin  
Sam HaywoodHaywood, Sam  
Hazard ProjectHazard Project  
Jeremiah HazedHazed, Jeremiah  
Yousef HbeischHbeisch, Yousef  
The Head and the HeartHead and the Heart  
Head JointHead Joint  
Paul HeadonHeadon, PaulDiscographyBio
Skip HealyHealy, Skip  
Imogen HeapHeap, Imogen  
Hearts in NotesHearts in Notes Bio
Hearts of Palm UKHearts of Palm UK   
Tom HeasleyHeasley, Tom  
Heat Death RecordsHeat Death Records  
Heath BrothersHeath Brothers  
Heath StreetHeath Street  
Jimmy HeathHeath, Jimmy   
The Jimmy Heath Big BandHeath, Jimmy Big Band  
Rob HeathHeath, Rob  
Heathered PearlsHeathered Pearls  
Heathfield Silver BandHeathfield Silver Band  
Phil HeavenHeaven, Phil  
Heavenly Angelic Light Orchestra (HALO)Heavenly Angelic Light Orchestra  
Heavenly Music CorporationHeavenly Music Corporation  
Daniel HechtHecht, Daniel  
Kent HeckamanHeckaman, Kent  
Tim HeckerHecker, Tim  
Steve HeckmanHeckman, Steve  
The Heddon Street BandHeddon Street Band, the  
Christopher HedgeHedge, Christopher  
Michael HedgesHedges, Michael  
Fritz HeedeHeede, Fritz  
Carol HefflerHeffler, Carol  
Ted Hefko and ThousandairesHefko and Thousandaires, Ted   
Thomas HeflinHeflin, ThomasDiscographyBio
Heights of AbrahamHeights of Abraham  
Ruud HeijHeij, Ruud  
Reinhold HeilHeil, Reinhold  
Axel Manrico HeilheckerHeilhecker, Axel Manrico   
Rudolf HeimannHeimann, Rudolf  
Matt Heimovitzheimovitz, matt  
Joe HeinemannHeinemann, JoeDiscographyBio
Paul HeinermanHeinerman, PaulDiscographyBio
Danny HeinesHeines, DannyDiscographyBio
Steve HeitzegHeitzeg, Steve   
Rick HeizmanHeizman, Rick  
Stockton Helbing QuartetHelbing Quartet, Stockton   
Butch HelemanoHelemano, Butch  
Roger HelfrickHelfrick, Roger   
Jaime HeliosHelios, Jaime  
Scott HellandHelland, ScottDiscographyBio
Sofi HellborgHellborg, Sofi   
Hello Seahorse!Hello Seahorse!  
David HelplingHelpling, David  
Johann HeltonHelton, Johann Bio
Erdem Helvacioglu & Ulrich MertinHelvacioglu & Ulrich Mertin, Erdem   
Erdem HelvaciogluHelvacioglu, Erdem   
Erden HelvaciogluHelvacioglu, Erden   
Rick HelzerHelzer, Rich  
Fuzjko HemmingHemming, Fuzjko  
Bill HendersonHenderson, Bill  
Eddie HendersonHenderson, Eddie  
Hamish HendersonHenderson, Hamish  
Joe HendersonHenderson, Joe   
Jimi HendrixHendrix, Jimi   
Brian HenkeHenke, Brian  
Robert HenkeHenke, Robert   
Don HenleyHenley, Don  
Vic HenneganHennegan, Vic  
Kevin HennessyHennessy, Kevin  
Nancy HenningsHennings, Nancy  
Mette HenrietteHenriette, Mette  
Arve HenriksenHenriksen, Arve   
Glenn HenriksenHenriksen, Glenn   
Eric HenryHenry, Eric  
Jason HenryHenry, Jason  
Joe HenryHenry, Joe   
Nicole HenryHenry, Nicole  
Svante HenrysonHenryson, Svante  
Deborah Henson-ConantHenson-Conant, DeborahDiscographyBio
HentaHenta S. Ellis  
Jonny HepbirHepbir, Jonny  
Her Azu ProjectHer Azu Project  
Her Latin Jazz BandHer Latin Jazz Band  
Steve HerbermanHerberman, Steve  
Herd Of InstinctHerd Of Instinct  
Herdman, Hills, MangsenHerdman, Hills, MangsenDiscography 
Heritage EnsembleHeritage Ensemble  
Heritage Hall Jazz BandHeritage Hall Jazz Band  
Morgan HeritageHeritage, Morgan  
Woody HermanHerman, Woody  
Woody Herman & The Thundering HerdHerman, Woody & The Thundering Herd  
Gorka HermosaHermosa, Gorka  
Horacio HernandezHernandez, Horacio  
Horacio "El Negro" HernandezHernandez, Horacio   
Priscilla HernándezHernandez, PriscillaDiscographyBio
Sylvia Herold and the Rhythm BugsHerold and the Rhythm Bugs, Sylvia   
Nachito HerreraHerrera, Nachito  
Vincent HerringHerring, Vincent  
Bernard HerrmannHerrmann, Bernard   
The Fred Hersch TrioHersch Trio, The Fred   
Fred HerschHersch, FredDiscographyBio
Melanie HerschHersch, Melanie  
Michael HerschHersch, Michael   
Lara HerscovitchHerscovitch, Lara   
Baird Hersey & PranaHersey & Prana, Baird  
Stefanie HertelHertel, Stefanie  
Stephanie HertelHertel, Stephanie  
Jack HertzHertz, Jack   
Jake HertzogHertzog, Jake   
Philippe HervouetHervouet, Philippe  
Conrad HerwigHerwig, Conrad  
Monika HerzigHerzig, Monika  
Hespèrion XXHespèrion XX  
Hesperion XXIHesperion XXI   
David HessHess, David  
Nikolaj HessHess, Nikolaj  
Kathryn HettelHettel, Kathryn  
Liuba Maria HeviaHevia, Liuba MariaDiscography 
Michael HewettHewett, Michael  
The Alan Hewitt ProjectHewitt Project, the Alan  
Alan HewittHewitt, AlanDiscographyBio
Angela HewittHewitt, Angela  
Russ HewittHewitt, Russ   
Ann HeymannHeymann, AnnDiscographyBio
John HiattHiatt, John   
Kevin HiattHiatt, Kevin   
Toots HibbertHibbert, Toots  
Ron HibdonHibdon, Ron  
David HickenHicken, DavidDiscographyBio
Gregory Hickman-WilliamsHickman-Williams, GregoryDiscographyBio
Dan Hicks And The Hot LicksHicks, Dan And The Hot Licks  
John HicksHicks, John  
Giovanni HidalgoHidalgo, Giovanni  
Lars HiddeHidde, Lars  
Hidden OrchestraHidden OrchestraDiscographyBio
Guido HieronymousHieronymous, Guido  
Hi-Fi SkyHi-Fi Sky Bio
Barbara HigbieHigbie, BarbaraDiscographyBio
Billy HigginsHiggins, Billy  
Missy HigginsHiggins, Missy   
Paul HiggsHiggs, Paul  
High ChairHigh Chair  
The High Kingshigh kings, the  
High NoonHigh Noon  
High PlainsHigh Plains  
John HighamHigham, John  
Higher Intelligence AgencyHigher Intelligence Agency  
Max HighsteinHighstein, MaxDiscographyBio
Jim HightowerHightower, Jim  
Philip HiiHii, PhilipDiscographyBio
Hijas del SolHijas del Sol  
Ralf HildenbeutelHildenbeutel, Ralf  
Andrew HillHill, Andrew  
Clara HillHill, Clara  
Daunielle HillHill, Daunielle   
Faith HillHill, Faith  
Ken HillHill, Ken  
Nelson HillHill, Nelson   
Warren HillHill, Warren  
Steve HillageHillage, Steve   
The HillBendersHillBenders  
Karrie HilleryHillery, Karrie   
Paul Hillier & The Theatre of VoicesHillier & The Theatre of Voices, Paul   
Matt HillierHillier, Matt  
Paul HillierHillier, Paul  
Chris HillmanHillman, ChrisDiscographyBio
Steve HillmanHillman, Steve  
Anne HillsHills, Anne  
Barbara HillsHills, Barbara  
Hilo HawaiiansHilo Hawaiians   
Hilton FMhilton fm  
Lisa HiltonHilton, LisaDiscographyBio
Tigran HimasyanHimasyan, Tigran  
Himons / Reaves / GerberHimons Reaves Gerber  
Aashid HimonsHimons, Aashid  
Nicky HindHind, NickyDiscographyBio
Earl HinesHines, Earl  
Paul HingerHinger, Paul  
Tish HinojosaHinojosa, Tish  
Micah P. HinsonHinson, Micah P.  
Hansi HinterseerHinterseer, Hansi  
Hip AbductionHip Abduction  
Tom HipskindHipskind, Tom  
Susumu HirasawaHirasawa, Susumu  
Hi-Risk FaktorHi-Risk Faktor  
Katsuya HironakaHironaka, Katsuya  
Joji HirotaHirota, Joji  
Rick Hirsch's Big Ol' BandHirsch's Big Ol' Band, Rick   
His Retro Jazz BandHis Retro Jazz Band  
Joe HisaishiHisaishi, Joe   
HishamHisham Bio
Jett HittHitt, Jett  
The Hive ProjectHive Project, The  
Daniel HoHo, Daniel  
Daniel HoHo, Daniel Bio
The Daniel Ho TrioHo, Daniel Trio  
Tim Hockenberryhockenberry, tim  
Hadley HockensmithHockensmith, Hadley Bio
The Hodges BrothersHodges Brothers, The  
Dillon HodgesHodges, Dillon   
Johnny HodgesHodges, Johnny   
Roger HodgsonHodgson, Roger  
Florian Hoeffner GroupHoeffner, Florian   
Wayne Hoeflehoefle, wayne  
Chad HoeflerHoefler, Chad  
Florian Hoefner GroupHoefner Group, Florian   
James HoehlHoehl, James  
Martine Lund HoelHoel, Martine Lund   
Ari HoenigHoenig, Ari  
Michael HoenigHoenig, Michael  
Julie HoestHoest, Julie  
Dave HoffmanHoffman, Dave  
David HoffmanHoffman, David  
Diane HoffmanHoffman, Diane  
Paul HoffmanHoffman, Paul   
Stuart HoffmanHoffman, Stuart  
Cosmic HoffmannHoffmann, Cosmic  
Klaus Hoffmann-HoockHoffmann-Hoock, Klaus  
Susanna HoffsHoffs, Susanna   
Susanna Hoffs & Matthew SweetHoffs, Susannan  
Mark HofgardHofgard, MarkDiscography 
Bendik HofsethHofseth, Bendik  
Steve HogarthHogarth, Steve   
Will HogeHoge, Will   
Johan HogenasHogenas, Johan  
Hamilton De HolandaHolanda, Hamilton De   
Roscoe HolcombHolcomb, Roscoe  
Malcolm HolcombeHOLCOMBE, MALCOLM   
Derwyn HolderHolder, Derwyn  
Allan HoldsworthHoldsworth, Allan   
Gill HoldsworthHoldsworth, Gill   
Billie HolidayHoliday, Billie  
Alexis Holland & DashmeshHolland, Alexis & Dashmesh  
Dave Holland Big BandHolland, Dave   
Mark HollandHolland, MarkDiscographyBio
Stevie Hollandholland, stevie  
David HollandsworthHollandsworth, David  
Peter HollensHollens, Peter  
Heinz HolligerHolliger, Heinz  
Kyle HollingsworthHollingsworth, Kyle  
Lars HollmerHollmer, Lars   
Greg HollowayHolloway, Greg  
John HollowayHolloway, John  
Holloway, Linden, MortensenHolloway, Linden, Mortensen   
Lynn HollyfieldHollyfield, Lynn   
The Hollywood Blue FlamesHollywood Blue Flames, The  
Molly HolmHolm, Molly  
Bill Holman BandHolman Band, Bill   
Jexper HolmenHolmen, Jexper   
The Holmes BrothersHolmes Brothers  
Bruce HolmesHolmes, Bruce   
Danika HolmesHolmes, Danika  
David HolmesHolmes, David  
Hollan HolmesHolmes, Hollan  
Joel Holmesholmes, joel  
Rob HolmesHolmes, Rob  
Duncan HolmsHolms, Duncan   
Mike HoloberHolober, Mike   
Bob HolroydHolroyd, Bob  
Anders HolstHolst, Anders  
Gustav HolstHolst, Gustav  
Danny HoltHolt, Danny   
David HoltHolt, David   
Julia HolterHolter, Julia   
Nigel HoltonHolton, Nigel  
The Holy CoastHoly Coast  
Holy Name Cathedral Chamber Singersholy name cathedreal chamber singers  
Holy OakHoly Oak  
David HomanHoman, DavidDiscographyBio
Homeless BalloonHomeless BalloonDiscographyBio
Sat HonHon, SatDiscographyBio
Yuka HondaHonda, Yuka  
Hong Kong Dragon ClubHong Kong Dragon Club   
Gao HongHong, GaoDiscographyBio
Exekiel HonigHonig, Exekiel   
Alison HoodHood, Allison  
James Hoodhood, james  
Cecil HookerHooker, Cecil  
Lauren HookerHooker, Lauren  
Kira HooksHooks, Kira   
Merle HooverHoover, Merle  
The Hope BlisterHope Blister, The  
Daniel HopeHope, Daniel  
Mary HopkinHopkin, Mary  
J C Hopkins Biggish BandHopkins Biggish Band, J C   
Dr. James Hopkinshopkins, dr. james  
Greg HopkinsHopkins, Greg  
Jacqueline HopkinsHopkins, Jacqueline  
Jon HopkinsHopkins, Jon  
Lightnin' HopkinsHopkins, Lightnin  
Mike HopkinsHopkins, Mike  
Sarah HopkinsHopkins, Sarah  
Michael HoppéHoppe, MichaelDiscographyBio
Callie HopperHopper, Callie  
Horace XHorace X  
Winifred HoranHoran, Winifred  
Ric HordinskiHordinski, Ric  
Stéphane HoreczkoHoreczko, Stéphane  
John HorlerHorler, John  
Tom HormelHormel, TomDiscography 
Krzysztof HornHorn, Krzysztof  
Paul HornHorn, Paul Bio
William HorncloudHorncloud, William  
James HornerHorner, JamesDiscographyBio
Bruce HornsbyHornsby, Bruce  
Richard HorowitzHorowitz, Richard Bio
Vladimir HorowitzHorowitz, Vladimir Bio
John HorrocksHorrocks, John   
Horse FeathersHorse Feathers  
The Horse FliesHorse Flies  
Cindy HorstmanHorstman, Cindy   
Toninho HortaHorta, Toninho  
Bobby HortonHorton, Bobby  
William HoshalHoshal, WilliamDiscographyBio
Hot & Brass BandHot & Brass Band  
Hot Club de NorvegeHot Club de Norvege  
Hot Club of CowtownHot Club of Cowtown  
Hot Club of DetroitHot Club of Detroit  
Hot Club of HulavilleHot Club of Hulaville  
The Hot Club of SwedenHot Club of Sweden, The  
Hot RizeHot Rize   
The Hot SardinesHot Sardines  
Hotel NeonHotel Neon  
Hotels and HighwaysHotels and Highways  
Houston Chamber ChoirHouston Chamber Choir  
Heather HoustonHouston, HeatherDiscographyBio
Eleanor HovdaHovda, Eleanor   
Hoven DrovenHoven Droven  
Traci HoveskelandHoveskeland, Traci  
James Newton Howardhoward, james newton  
Lewis HowardHoward, Lewis  
Randy HowardHoward, Randy  
Alan HowarthHowarth, AlanDiscographyBio
Matt HowarthHowarth, Matt   
Matt HowdenHowden, Matt  
Adam HoweHowe, Adam   
Dylan HoweHowe, Dylan  
Mike HoweHowe, Mike  
Steve HoweHowe, Steve  
Ted HoweHowe, Ted  
Ted Howe TrioHowe, Ted  
Craig HowellHowell, Craig  
Steve HowellHowell, Steve   
Brad HoytHoyt, Brad  
Carrie HryniwHryniw, Carrie  
Hua Xia Chamber EnsembleHua Xia Chamber Ensemble   
Terence HuangHuang, Terence  
Yiling HuangHuang, YilingDiscographyBio
Yu Ya HuangHuang, Yu YaDiscography 
Toni HuataHuata, Toni  
Freddie HubbardHubbard, Freddie   
Ray Wylie HubbardHubbard, Ray Wylie  
Hubei Song and Dance Ensemble of the Peoples Republic of Chinahubei song and dance ensemble of the peoples republic of china  
David Miles HuberHuber, David MilesDiscographyBio
Ryan HuberHuber, Ryan  
Scott HuckabayHuckabay, ScottDiscographyBio
Jim HudakHudak, Jim  
Hudson Chamber EnsembleHudson Chamber Ensemble  
David HudsonHudson, David  
Randolph HudsonHudson, Randolph  
Bruce HuebnerHuebner, Bruce  
David Lyndon HuffHuff, David Lyndon  
Eric Hughes BandHughes Band, Eric   
Bobby Hughes CombinationHughes, Bobby Combination  
Brian HughesHughes, BrianDiscographyBio
Garry HughesHughes, Garry  
Gary HughesHughes, Gary  
Jonathan HughesHughes, Jonathan  
Langston HughesHughes, Langston   
Oleg HuhuaHuhua, Oleg  
Hanne HukkelbergHukkelberg, HanneDiscographyBio
The Hula BluesHula Blues  
The Hula HoneysHula Honeys  
Simon HulbertHulbert, Simon   
John HulingHuling, John  
Arthur HullHull, Arthur  
Eppie HulshofHulshof, Eppie   
Humee Hum Brahm HumHum, Humee Hum Brahm  
Human BeingHuman Being  
Human MetronomeHuman Metronome  
The Human RevolutionHuman Revolution  
Stacy HumeHume. Stacy   
Annie HumphreyHumphrey, Annie  
Hundred WatersHundred Waters  
Sophie HungerHunger, Sophie  
Bonnie Jo HuntHunt, Bonnie Jo  
Hunter Van LarkinsHunter Van Larkins  
Brenda HunterHunter, BrendaDiscographyBio
Charlie Hunter TrioHunter, Charlie Trio  
Frank Hunter & His OrchetraHunter, Frank & His Orchestra  
Mike Hunterhunter, mike  
Stafford HunterHunter, Stafford   
Robert HuntleyHuntley, Robert  
Mark HuntonHunton, Mark  
David HuntsingerHuntsinger, David   
Judson HurdHurd, JudsonDiscographyBio
Jim HurleyHurley, Jim  
Adam HurstHurst, Adam   
Jim HurstHurst, JimDiscography 
Ciro HurtadoHurtado, Ciro  
Zakir HussainHussain, Zakir  
Bobby HutchersonHutcherson, Bobby  
Sophie HutchingsHutchings, Sophie   
Meg HutchinsonHutchinson, Meg  
Pete HuttlingerHuttlinger, Pete  
Melanie HuttonHutton, Melanie  
Noah Huttonhutton, noah  
Huun Huur TuHuun Huur Tu  
Michel HuygenHuygen, MichelDiscography 
Lucia HwongHwong, Lucia  
Hybrid LiesurelandHybrid Liesureland  
Dermot HydeHyde, Dermot  
Karl HydeHyde, Karl  
Hydrogen BurningHydrogen Burning  
David HykesHykes, David  
Francis HyltonHylton, Francis  
Dick HymanHyman, Dick  
Chrissie HyndeHynde, Chrissie   
HyperEx MachinaHyperEx Machina  
Hypnotic Brass EnsembleHypnotic Brass Ensemble  
Joshua HyslopHyslop, Joshua   
Dennis HysomHysom, DennisDiscography 
Henrik HytteballeHytteballe, Henrik   
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