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C DuncanC Duncan  
C. HolmesC. Holmes  
Francisco CéspedesCéspedes, Francisco  
Pepe CéspedesCéspedes, Pepe  
Cóemgín CùilCùil, CóemgínDiscographyBio
María del Mar Cabezuelo SáenzCabezuelo Sáenz, María del Mar  
Cabo FrioCabo FrioDiscographyBio
Bertram Cabot Jr.Cabot Jr., Bertram  
Ileana CabraCabra, Ileana  
Benito CabreraCabrera, Benito  
Fernando CabreraCabrera, Fernando  
Roberto CacciapagliaCacciapaglia, Roberto  
Katie CadenceCadence, Katie  
Cadenced HavenCadenced Haven  
Ronnda CadleCadle, Ronnda   
Cafe del MarCafe del Mar  
The Café OléCafe OleDiscographyBio
Cafe TacubaCafe TacubaDiscographyBio
Francesco Cafiso QuartetCafiso Quartet, Francesco   
John CageCage, John  
Jarrod CagwinCagwin, Jarrod  
James CahallCahall, James   
Dennis CahillCahill, Dennis  
Sera CahooneCahoone, Sera   
Cris CainCain, Cris  
Jonathan CainCain, JonathanDiscographyBio
Jonathon CainCain, JonathonDiscography 
Elliott Caine QuintetCaine, Elliott QuartetDiscographyBio
Heather CairncrossCairncross, Heather  
Cairo OrchestraCairo Orchestra  
Cajun SoundsCajun Sounds  
Andrés CalamaroCalamaro, Andrés  
Peter CalandraCalandra, Peter  
Adriana CalcanhottoCalcanhotto, Adriana  
Joey CalderazzoCalderazzo, Joey   
Andy CaldwellCaldwell, Andy  
Bobby Caldwellcaldwell,bobby  
John CaleCale, John  
Dave CalhounCalhoun, Dave   
Will CalhounCalhoun, Will  
Calibro 35Calibro 35   
California Guitar TrioCalifornia Guitar TrioDiscography 
Charles CallahanCallahan, Charles   
Kate CallahanCallahan, Kate  
Ann Hampton CallawayCallaway, Ann HamptonDiscographyBio
Liz Callawaycallaway,liz  
Calle Mambo ProjectCalle Mambo Project  
Calle RealCalle Real  
Ed CalleCalle, Ed  
Mississippi Joe CallicottCallicott, Mississippi Joe  
Terry CallierCallier, Terry   
Peter CaloCalo, Peter  
John CalvertCalvert, JohnDiscographyBio
Anna CalviCalvi, Anna  
Calypso RoseCalypso Rose  
Giorgio Li CalziCalzi, Giorgio Li   
Ignasi CamaCama, Ignasi  
J.M. Quintana CamaraCamara, J.M. Quintana  
J.M.Quintana CamaraCamara, J.M.Quintana   
Dominic CamardellaCamardella, Dominic  
The Cambridge SingersCambridge Singers  
Ken CamdenCamden, Ken   
Camera ObscuraCamera Obscura  
Camera Obscura [German]Camera Obscura German  
Hang CameraCamera, Hang   
Manhattan Cameratacamerata, manhattan  
Christopher CameronCameron, Christopher  
Doug CameronCameron, Doug  
Douglas John CameronCameron, Douglas John   
Nigel CameronCameron, Nigel  
Ruth CameronCameron, Ruth  
Julie Cameron-HallCameron-Hall, Julie  
Michel CamiloCamilo, Michel  
William CamireCamire, William   
Masha CampagneCampagne, Masha   
CampanileCampanile Bio
Don CampauCampau, Don   
Andrew Bassie CampbellCampbell, Andrew  
Chris CampbellCampbell, Chris   
Don CampbellCampbell, DonDiscographyBio
Janie CampbellCampbell, JanieDiscographyBio
Kym CampbellCampbell, Kym   
Mairi CampbellCampbell, Mairi  
Rebecca CampbellCampbell, Rebecca  
Royce CampbellCampbell, Royce   
Los Campesinos de MichoacanCampesinos de Michoacan  
Campfire's EdgeCampfire's Edge  
Canadian BrassCanadian Brass  
Dúmbala CanallaCanalla, Dumbala  
Candido & GracielaCandido & Graciela  
The Candlelight GuitaristCandlelight Guitarist  
Candy LCandy L  
Carme CanelaCanela, Carme  
Richie CannataCannata, Richie   
Lino CannavacciuoloCannavacciuolo, Lino  
Tom CanningCanning, Tom  
The Cannonbal Adderly QuintetCannonbal Adderly Quintet, The   
Javi CanovasCanovas, Javi   
Larry CanslerCansler, LarryDiscographyBio
Canteca de MacaoCanteca de Macao  
Cantoma (DJ Phil Mison)Cantoma Bio
Annette CantorCantor, AnnetteDiscographyBio
Vinicius CantuariaCantuaria, Vinicius   
Jefre Cantu-LedesmaCantu-Ledesma, Jefre  
Caitlin CantyCanty, Caitlin  
Christopher CaouetteCaouette, Christopher  
Carmine CapassoCapasso, Carmine  
Chuck CapeCape, Chuck   
Capital VoicesCapital Voices  
Gadi CaplanCaplan, Gadi  
Denis CaplingerCaplinger, Denis  
Vinicio CaposelaCaposela, Vinicio  
Vinicio CaposselaCapossela, Vinicio  
The Frank Capp TrioCapp Trio, The Frank   
Cappella RomanaCappella Romana  
Hillary CappsCapps, Hillary   
Matt CappyCappy, Matt  
The CapsulesCapsules  
Captain BeefheartCaptain Beefheart  
Captain Black HeartCaptain Black HeartDiscographyBio
Sergio CaputoCaputo, Sergio  
Ana CaramCaram Ana  
Carbe and DurandCarbe and Durand  
Liza CarbeCarbe, Liza   
Carbon Based LifeformsCarbon Based Lifeforms  
Paul CardallCardall, PaulDiscographyBio
Spiro CardamisCardamis, Spiro  
Sam CardonCardon, Sam  
Sylvain CarelCarel, Sylvain   
Mary CareweCarewe, Mary  
Edie CareyCarey, Edie   
Jason CareyCarey, Jason  
Kyle CareyCarey, Kyle  
S. CareyCarey, S.  
Acie CargillCargill, Acie  
The Caribbean Jazz ProjectCaribbean Jazz Project, The  
Carl Sagan's GhostCarl Sagan's Ghost  
Frank CarlbergCarlberg, FrankDiscographyBio
Tom CarlenoCarleno, Tom Bio
Brandi CarlileCarlile, Brandi   
Rosie Carlinocarlino, rosie  
Belinda Carlislecarlisle, belinda  
Keith CarlockCarlock, Keith  
Paul CarlonCarlon, Paul   
Wendy CarlosCarlos, WendyDiscographyBio
Barbara CarlottiCarlotti, Barbara  
Ed CarlsenCarlsen, Ed  
Gary CarlsonCarlson  
Sarah CarlsonCarlson, Sarah   
Anette CarlströmCarlström, Anette  
Larry CarltonCarlton, Larry  
Robert CarltonCarlton, Robert  
Brandi CarlyleCarlyle, Brandi   
Kev CarmodyCarmody, Kev   
Alba CarmonaCarmona, Alba  
Josemi CarmonaCarmona, Josemi  
Carnival SkinCarnival Skin  
Carolina Chocolate DropsCarolina Chocolate Drops  
Carolina StoryCarolina Story  
Danny CaronCaron, DannyDiscographyBio
Kori Linae CarothersCarothers, Kori LinaeDiscographyBio
Carpaccio BitCarpaccio Bit  
John CarpenterCarpenter, John  
Mary Chapin CarpenterCarpenter, Mary Chapin  
Adrian CarrCarr, Adrian  
Aileen CarrCarr, Aileen  
Amanda CarrCarr, Amanda  
Ian CarrCarr, Ian  
Kenny CarrCarr, Kenny  
Richard CarrCarr, RichardDiscographyBio
Juan CarranzaCarranza, Juan  
Diego CarrascoCarrasco, Diego  
José CarrerasCarreras, José  
Tia Carrerecarrere, tia  
Richard CarrickCarrick, Richard   
Bryan CarriganCarrigan, BryanDiscographyBio
Mauricio CarrilhoCarriho, Mauricio  
Ignacio "Mazacote" CarrilloCarrillo, Ignacio "Mazacote"  
Terri Lyne CarringtonCarrington, Terri Lyne   
Ben CarrollCarroll, BenDiscographyBio
Clive CarrollCarroll, Clive   
Joan CarrollCarroll, Joan  
Liz CarrollCarroll, LizDiscographyBio
Marlowe CarruthCarruth, Marlowe   
Big Al CarsonCarson, Big Al  
Hannah CarsonCarson, Hannah   
Lori CarsonCarson, Lori  
Deanna CarteaCartea, Deanna   
Biill Carter & The Presbybop QuartetCarter & The Presbybop Quartet, Biill   
Bill Carter & The Presbybop SextetCarter & The Presbybop Sextet, Bill  
Benny CarterCarter, Benny  
Brian CarterCarter, Brian  
Chris CarterCarter, Chris  
Clifford CarterCarter, Clifford  
David CarterCarter, David  
Deborah J. CarterCarter, Deborah  
Earl Cartercarter, earl  
Jason CarterCarter, Jason  
Mark Cartercarter, mark  
Regina Cartercarter, regina  
Ricky CarterCarter, Ricky  
Ron Cartercarter, ron  
Eliza CarthyCarthy, Eliza  
Robert CartyCarty, RobertDiscographyBio
Danny CarvalhoCarvalho, Danny  
Bruce CarverCarver, Bruce  
Daniel & Amy CarwileCarwile, Daniel & Amy   
Robert CasadyCasady, Robert  
Luz CasalCasal, Luz  
Casale & ParasCasale & ParasDiscographyBio
Mary Ann CasaleCasale, Mary Ann  
Lisa CasalinoCasalino, Lisa   
Claudio CasanuevaCasanueva, Claudio  
Daniel CasaresCasares, Daniel  
Ian Ethan CaseCase, Ian Ethan   
Neko CaseCase, Neko  
Mayra CaselesCaseles, Mayra   
Craig CaseyCasey, CraigDiscographyBio
Karan CaseyCasey, Karan Bio
Roseanne CashCash, Roseanne   
Rosanne CashCash. Rosanne   
Bill CashmanCashman, Bill   
Michael CaskeyCaskey, Michael  
Shirley CasonCason, ShirleyDiscographyBio
Hanneke CasselCassel, Hanneke  
Eva CassidyCassidy, EvaDiscographyBio
Patrick CassidyCassidy, PartrickDiscographyBio
Paulina CassidyCassidy, Paulina  
Cassie And MaggieCassie And Maggie  
The CastCast, The  
Gustodio CasteloCastelo, Gustodio   
Albert CastigliaCastiglia, Albert   
Emilio CastilloCastillo, Emilio  
Pepe CastilloCastillo, Pepe  
Agrelia's Castlecastle, agrelia's  
Chris CastleCastle, Chris   
Geoffery CastleCastle, Geoffery   
Geoffrey CastleCastle, Geoffrey   
Jeff Scott CastleCastle, Jeff Scott   
Dolores CastroCastro, Dolores  
Edo CastroCastro, Edo  
Esteban CastroCastro, Esteban  
Lenny CastroCastro, LennyDiscographyBio
Tommy CastroCastro, Tommy   
Oscar Castro-NevesCastro-Neves, Oscar  
The Cat Box QuartetCat Box Quartet  
Cat PowerCat Power  
Mike Catalanocatalano, mike  
Sonia Cat-BerroCat-Berro, Sonia  
John CatchingsCatchings, John  
CaterineCaterine Bio
Cathexis OrchestraCathexis Orchestra  
Matt Catingub Orchestra Of HawaiiCatingub  
Teresa Garcia CaturlaCaturla, Teresa Garcia  
Catya MaréCatya Mare  
Tom CaufieldCaufield, TomDiscographyBio
Jim CausleyCausley, Jim  
Maye CavallaroCavallaro, Maye  
Cave StatesCave States  
Nick CaveCave, Nick  
Cavern of Anti-MatterCavern of Anti-Matter  
Laura CavianiCaviani, Laura  
Dori CaymmiCaymmi, Dori  
Nana CaymmiCaymmi, Nana  
Robert Cazimerocazimero, robert  
Roland Cazimerocazimero, roland  
The Brothers CazimeroCazimero, the brothersDiscographyBio
CC DomeCC Dome  
Malcolm CecilCecil, Malcolm   
Rosa CedrónCedrón, Rosa  
Cuarteto CedronCedron, Cuarteto  
Mirabai Ceibaceiba, mirabai  
Ceilidh MinogueCeilidh Minogue  
Celer & Forest ManagementCeler & Forest Management  
Celestial NavigationsCelestial Navigations  
Celestial WindsCelestial Winds  
Aria CelestinaCelestina, Aria  
Ceyhun CeliktenCelikten, Ceyhun  
Evren CelimliCelimli, Evren  
The Cellar and PointCellar and Point  
The Celtic BellesCeltic Belles  
Celtic Fiddle FestivalCeltic Fiddle FestivalDiscography 
Celtic LegendCeltic Legend  
Celtic Ragas BandCeltic Ragas Band  
The Celtic Ragas Bandceltic Ragas Band, the  
Celtic SpringCeltic Spring  
The Celtic TenorsCeltic Tenors  
Celtic ThunderCeltic Thunder  
Celtic Womanceltic woman  
Bestia CentauriCentauri, Bestia   
Jim CentorinoCentorino, JimDiscographyBio
Central Broadcasting Traditional Instruments Orchestracentral broadcasting traditional instruments orchestra  
Central Chinese Folk Orchestracentral chinese folk orchestra  
Ceo de Sil/Centro Galego de BarakaldoCeo de Sil/Centro Galego de Barakaldo  
Ceol MorCeol Mor  
Joan CerezoCerezo, Joan  
Cerro NegroCerro Negro  
Cerulean SkiesCerulean Skies  
Victor CerulloCerullo, Victor  
Lucius Craig CervantesCervantes, Lucius Craig  
Sergio CervettiCervetti, Sergio   
Chico CésarCesar, Chico  
Bobi CespedesCespedes, BobiDiscographyBio
Conjunto CéspedesCespedes, Conjunto  
Chévere de ChicagoChévere de Chicago  
Gilles ChabenatChabenat, Gilles  
Chabuca GrandeChabuca Grande  
Chacra Artistschacra artists  
Chad & JeremyChad & Jeremy  
Dan ChadburnChadburn, Dan  
Paulo ChagasChagas, Paulo  
Chai LiangChai, Liang  
Cecilia ChaillyChailly, Cecilia   
António ChainhoChainho, António  
Chaise LoungeChaise Lounge  
Armen ChakmakianChakmakian, ArmenDiscographyBio
Chakra BleuChakra Bleu  
Claude Challe & FriendsChalle Claude & Friends  
Claude ChalleChalle, Claude  
Peter ChallonerChalloner, Peter  
Chantal ChamandyChamandy, ChantalDiscographyBio
The Chamber Pop EnsembleChamber Pop Ensemble, the  
Chantal ChamberlandChamberland, Chantal  
Chantel ChamberlandChamberland, Chantel  
Casey ChambersChambers, Casey  
Dennis ChambersChambers, Dennis  
Sean ChambersChambers, Sean   
Sebastián ChamesChames, Sebastián  
Joan ChamorroChamorro, Joan  
Gregory J. ChandlerChandler, Gregory  
Sheila ChandraChandra, Sheila  
Olivia ChaneyChaney, Olivia  
Elaine ChangChang, Elaine  
Jacques ChanierChanier, Jacques  
John ChantlerChantler, JohnDiscographyBio
Teofilo ChantreChantre, Teofilo  
Manu ChaoChao, ManuDiscographyBio
Michael ChapdelaineChapdelaine, MichaelDiscographyBio
Eric ChapelleChapelle, Eric  
The Chapin SistersChapin Sisters   
Jen ChapinChapin, Jen  
Michael ChapmanChapman, Michael   
Philip ChapmanChapman, Philip  
Topsy ChapmanChapman, Topsy  
Tracy ChapmanChapman, Tracy  
Jim ChappellChappell, JimDiscographyBio
Michael ChapuisChapuis, Michael  
Craig ChaquicoChaquico, CraigDiscography 
Charanga CakewalkCharanga Cakewalk  
Chardos String QuartetChardos string quartet  
Charged ParticlesCharged Particles  
Dheepa ChariChari, Dheepa  
The Bill Charlap Triocharlap trio, the bill  
Bill CharlapCharlap, Bill  
Charles KingCharles King  
Ray CharlesCharles, Ray  
Teddy CharlesCharles, Teddy   
Xavier CharlesCharles, Xavier  
Bob CharlesworthCharlesworth, Bob  
Charlie Haden Quartet WestCharlie Haden Quartet West  
Catherine Marie CharltonCharlton, Catherine MarieDiscographyBio
David CharrierCharrier, David  
Noah ChaseChase, Noah  
Megan ChaskeyChaskey, Megan  
Amit ChatterjeeChatterjee, Amit  
Anupam ChatterjeeChatterjee, Anupam  
Ben ChatwinChatwin, BenDiscographyBio
Hari Prasad ChaurasiaChaurasia, Hari Prasad  
Pandit Hariprasad ChaurasiaChaurasia, pandit hariprasad  
Rakesh ChaurasiaChaurasia, Rakesh  
Sylvain ChauveauChauveau, Sylvain  
Zhu ChavakeladosChavakelados, Zhu  
Bernard ChavonnetChavonnet, Bernard  
Che SudakaChe Sudaka  
Dorian CheahCheah, Dorian  
The CheebacabraCheebacabra  
Cheer AccidentCheer Accident  
The Chemical BrothersChemical Brothers  
Chemical InconveniencesChemical Inconveniences  
Bijan ChemiraniChemirani, Bijan  
Levi ChenChen, LeviDiscography 
Chen YueChen, Yue  
Zhen ChenChen, Zhen  
Clifton ChenierChenier, Clifton  
Kristin ChenowethChenoweth, Kristin  
Cherish The LadiesCherish The Ladies   
Larry ChernicoffChernicoff, LarryDiscographyBio
Don CherryCherry, Don  
Marlon CherryCherry, Marlon  
Neneh CherryCherry, Neneh  
Andrew CheshireCheshire, Andrew  
David CheskyChesky, David   
Alison ChesleyChesley, Alison  
Steven ChesneChesne, Steven  
Natalia ChesnokovaChesnokova, Natalia  
Cyrus ChestnutChestnut, Cyrus  
Teriver CheungCheung, Teriver  
Clan ChiChi, Clan  
Zi ChiChi, Zi  
Chicago AfrobeatChicago Afrobeat  
Chicago Underground TrioChicago Underground Trio   
Chicha LibreChicha Libre  
Chico TrujilloChico Trujillo  
The ChieftainsChieftans, The Bio
Zoe ChilcoChilco, Zoe   
The Children of New Brighton Primary School, Wirral, MerseysideChildren of New Brighton Primary School, Wirral, Merseyside  
Children of the RevolutionChildren of the RevolutionDiscographyBio
Billy ChildsChilds, Billy Bio
Mary Ellen ChildsChilds, Mary Ellen   
Toni ChildsChilds, Toni  
Chilingirian QuartetChilingirian Quartet  
Peter ChilversChilvers, Peter   
Chimney ChoirChimney Choir  
Colin ChinChin, Colin  
Unsuk ChinChin, Unsuk   
China Music OrchestraChina Music Orchestra  
Sri ChinmoyChinmoy, SriDiscographyBio
Deirdre Ní Chinnéidechinnéide, deirdre níDiscographyBio
Claudio ChinnuraChinnura, Claudio   
Willy ChirinoChirino, Willy  
Eric ChiryokuChiryoku, EricDiscographyBio
Duncan ChisholmChisholm, Duncan  
Sanjay ChitaleChitale, Sanjay  
Frederic ChiuChiu, FredericDiscographyBio
Stella ChiwesheChiweshe, Stella  
Meena ChoCho, Meena  
Choeur Les RhapsodesChoeur Les Rhapsodes  
The Choir and Orchestra of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York CityChoir and Orchestra of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York City  
Choir of King's College, CambridgeChoir of King's College, Cambridge   
The Choir of Trinity College, CambridgeChoir of Trinity College, Cambridge  
Lasairfhíona Ní ChonaolaChonaola, Lasairfhiona NiDiscographyBio
Chookasian Armenian Concert EnsembleChookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble  
Deepak ChopraChopra, Deepak  
Gautama Choprachopra, gautama  
Choristers of King's College, CambridgeChoristers of King’s College, Cambridge   
The Choristers of Worcester CathedralChoristers of Worcester Cathedral  
Choro EnsembleChoro Ensemble  
Victor ChorobikChorobik, Victor  
Chorus of TribesChorus of Tribes  
Daniel ChorzempaChorzempa, Daniel  
Aaron ChoulaiChoulai, Aaron  
Subroto Roy ChowdhuryChowdhury, Subroto Roy  
Sandeep ChowtaChowta, Sandeep  
David ChoyChoy, David  
Chris & CarlaChris & CarlaDiscography 
Chris Greene QuartetChris Greene Quartet  
Seth ChrismanChrisman, Seth  
Arnfinn ChristensenChristensen, Arnfinn  
Jon ChristensenChristensen, Jon   
Christian Wallumred EnsembleCHRISTIAN WALLUMRED ENSEMBLE  
Hans ChristianChristian, Hans  
John ChristianChristian, John  
Anna ChristieChristie, Anna   
Nadia ChristineChristine, Nadia   
Christopher of the WolvesChristopher of the Wolves  
Paul ChristopherChristopher, Paul  
Sean ChristopherChristopher, SeanDiscographyBio
Elina ChristovaChristova, Elina   
Chronotope ProjectChronotope Project  
Chubby WolfChubby Wolf  
ChumbawambaChumbawamba DiscographyBio
Church of BettyChurch of Betty  
Church of HedChurch of Hed  
Charlotte ChurchChurch, CharlotteDiscographyBio
David ChurchillChurchill, David   
Richard ChurchyardChurchyard, Richard  
Chvad SBChvad SB  
Janet ChvatalChvatal, Janet Bio
Mark CiaburriCiaburri, Mark  
Suzanne CianiCiani, SuzanneDiscographyBio
Cibo MattoCibo Matto  
Mike CichowiczCichowicz, Mike  
Michael CiconeCicone, Michael  
Guillermo CidesCides, Guillermo  
Cigarettes After SexCigarettes After Sex  
Cilantro BoomboxCilantro Boombox  
Peter CiluzziCiluzzi, Peter   
Tony CimorosiCimorosi, Tony  
The Cincinnati Pops OrchestraCincinnati Pops Orchestra, The  
Mino CineluCinelu, Mino  
Cinema 12Cinema 12  
Cinema EnsembleCinema Ensemble  
Cinematic OrchestraCinematic Orchestra  
Circle Of PinesCircle Of Pines  
Circuit MosquitosCircuit Mosquitos  
The Circular RuinsCircular Ruins, TheDiscographyBio
Circulum MusicumCirculum Musicum  
J.M. CiriaCiria, JM  
Liz CironeCirone, Liz  
Cirque du SoleilCirque du SoleilDiscography 
Cirrus BayCirrus Bay  
Ablaye CissokoCissoko, Ablaye  
Cistercian Monks of Stift HeiligenkreuzCistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz  
Michelle CitrinCitrin, Michelle   
City Rhythm OrchestraCity Rhythm Orchestra  
Chiara CivelloCivello, Chiara   
Nancy CardwellCladwell, Nancy  
Samuel ClaiborneClaiborne, Samuel  
Charmaine ClamorClamor, Charmaine   
The Clancy BrothersClancy Brothers   
Aoife ClancyClancy, Aoife  
Eric ClaptonClapton, Eric   
Lucinda ClareClare, Lucinda  
Gary Clark, Jr.Clark Jr., Gary  
The Clark Terry SpacemanClark Terry Spaceman  
Anne ClarkClark, Anne  
David Antony ClarkClark, David AntonyDiscographyBio
Gene ClarkClark, Gene   
Guy ClarkClark, Guy  
Karen ClarkClark, Karen   
Mark ClarkClark, Mark  
Rusty ClarkClark, Rusty  
Sonny ClarkClark, Sonny   
Tim ClarkClark, Tim  
Wesley ClarkClark, WesleyDiscographyBio
Stanley Clarke BandClarke, Stanley  
The Claudia QuintetClaudia Quintet, The  
Joe ClaussellClaussell, Joe  
Clave y GuaguancoClave y Guaguanco  
Natalia ClavierClavier, Natalia   
David ClavijoClavijo, DavidDiscography 
Cynthia ClawsonClawson, Cynthia  
Richard ClaydermanClayderman, RichardDiscographyBio
Clayton BrothersClayton Brothers  
John ClaytonClayton, John  
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz OrchestraClayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra   
Ron ClearfieldClearfield, Ron  
Eddy (The Chief) ClearwaterClearwater, Eddy (The Chief)  
Slaid CleavesCleaves, Slaid  
Johnny CleggClegg, Johnny  
Bettine ClemenClemen, Bettine  
Pat ClemenceClemence, Pat  
Coralie ClementClement, Coralie  
Paul ClementClement, PaulDiscographyBio
Tim ClementClement, Tim  
Carl ClementsClements, Carl   
Barry ClevelandCleveland, Barry  
Jimmy CliffCliff, Jimmy  
Mike ClincoClinco, Mike   
Kevin ClineCline Kevin  
Alex Cline EnsembleCline, Alex Ensemble  
Nels ClineCline, Nels   
Will ClipmanClipman, Will  
Clocked OutClocked Out  
Jay CloidtCloidt, Jay  
Rosemary ClooneyClooney, Rosemary   
William Close & The Earth Harp CollectiveClose & The Earth Harp Collective, William   
Close CompanyClose CompanyDiscographyBio
Cloud ControlCloud Control  
Cloud CultCloud Cult  
Gayle CloudCloud, GayleDiscographyBio
Réjean ClouetClouet, Réjean  
Sébastien CloutierCloutier, Sébastien  
Club D'ElfClub D'Elf   
Cluster BalmCluster Balm  
John Coates, JrCoates Jr, John  
Gloria CoatesCoates, Gloria   
Peter CoatesCoates, Peter  
Billy CobhamCobham, Billy  
Evita CoboCobo, Evita  
Anne CochranCochran, AnneDiscography 
Bobby CochranCochran, Bobby  
Todd CochranCochran, Todd  
Steve CochraneCochrane, Steve  
Bruce CockburnCockburn, Bruce  
Joe CockerCocker, Joe  
Coco & LafeCoco & Lafe  
Coco de Mer (Adam Plack)Coco de Mer  
Chris CocoCoco, ChrisDiscographyBio
Cocoa TeaCocoa Tea  
Cocteau TwinsCocteau Twins  
Code IndigoCode IndigoDiscographyBio
Herman CodyCody, Herman  
Radmilla CodyCody, Radmilla  
Robert Tree CodyCody, Robert TreeDiscographyBio
Tony CoeCoe, Tony  
Flavio CoelhoCoelho, Flavio   
David CoffinCoffin, David   
Jeff CoffinCoffin, Jeff  
Steve Cohen Blues BandCohen Blues Band, Steve   
Adam CohenCohen, Adam   
Anat CohenCohen, Anat  
Andy CohenCohen, Andy   
Aron CohenCohen, Aron  
Art CohenCohen, Art  
Avishai CohenCohen, Avishai   
David CohenCohen, David  
Emmet CohenCohen, Emmet   
James CohenCohen, JamesDiscographyBio
Joel CohenCohen, Joel  
Leonard CohenCohen, Leonard  
Luna CohenCohen, Luna  
Michael H. CohenCohen, Michael H.  
Rich CohenCohen, Rich   
Ron CohenCohen, Ron  
Tom CohenCohen, Tom  
Al CohnCohn, Al  
Jill CohnCohn, Jill   
Mark CohnCohn, Marc  
Marc CohnCohn, Marc   
Louis ColaianniaColaiannia, LouisDiscography 
Vinnie ColaiutaColaitua, Vinnie  
Julian ColbeckColbeck, Julian   
The ColbysColbys  
Cold Electric FireCold Electric Fire  
Cold SpecksCold Specks  
Cold SunCold Sun  
Matt ColdrickColdrick, Matt  
Cole and CoffmanCole and Coffman   
Alexis ColeCole, Alexis  
Bill ColeCole, Bill  
BJ ColeCole, BJ  
Carol ColeCole, Carol  
Freddie ColeCole, Freddie  
Freddy ColeCole, Freddy  
Harleigh ColeCole, Harleigh  
Jim ColeCole, JimDiscographyBio
Jim Cole & Spectral VoicesCole, Jim & Spectral Voices Bio
Lloyd ColeCole, Lloyd   
Lynda ColeCole, LyndaDiscographyBio
Nat King ColeCole, Nat King  
Natalie Colecole, natalie  
Paula ColeCole, paulaDiscographyBio
Scott ColeCole, ScottDiscography 
Steve ColeCole, Steve  
Anthony ColemanColeman, Anthony  
Gene ColemanColeman, Gene  
Ornette ColemanColeman, Ornette   
Maya Jane ColesColes, Maya Jane  
Carl ColettiColetti, Carl  
Javier ColinaColina, Javier  
Jacob CollierCollier, Jacob  
Tom CollierCollier, Tom  
George ColliganColligan, George  
Romain CollinCollin, Romain  
Gazz CollinsCollins, Gazz   
Judy CollinsCollins, Judy  
Merrill CollinsCollins, MerrillDiscographyBio
Randy CollinsCollins, Randy  
Richard CollinsCollins, Richard  
Colm Mac Con IomaireColm Mac Con Iomaire  
Raynald ColomColom, Raynald  
Richard ColomboColombo, Richard  
Color HumanoColor Humano  
The Color of SleepColor of Sleep, The  
Colorado Guitar DuoColorado Guitar Duo Bio
Colors of the LandColors of the Land  
Colour KaneColour Kane  
The Colour of MemoryColour of Memory  
Steve ColsonColson, Steve  
Kris ColtColt, KrisDiscographyBio
Jessi ColterColter, Jessi  
Hugh ColtmanColtman, Hugh  
Alice ColtraneColtrane, Alice  
John ColtraneColtrane, John  
Ravi ColtraneColtrane, Ravi   
Shawn ColvinColvin, Shawn   
Chris CombetteCombette, Chris  
Combs Creek HallerCombs Creek Haller  
Cindy CombsCombs, Cindy  
J.C. CombsCombs, J.C.  
Roberto ComesañaComesaña, Roberto  
Manuel ComesanaComesana, Manuel   
Aaron ComessComess, Aaron  
Juliette CommagereCommagere, Juliette  
Common DeerCommon Deer  
Common GroundCommon Ground  
Communion DayCommunion Day  
Community Music School of Santa CruzCommunity Music School of Santa Cruz  
Compagnie Christian VieusCompagnie Christian Vieus  
Jamie CompteCompte, Jamie   
AnDee ComptonCompton, AnDee  
Computer MagicComputer Magic   
Con SenseCon Sense  
Concert SilenceConcert Silence   
Concerto Caledonia [dir. David McGuinness]Concerto Caledonia  
Concious HealingConcious Healing  
Concorde Contemporary Music EnsembleConcorde Contemporary Music Ensemble  
The ConcretesConcretes  
José CondeConde, José  
Robert CondonCondon, RobertDiscographyBio
The CongosCongos   
Conjunto JardinConjunto Jardin Bio
Conjure OneConjure One  
John ConkleConkle, John  
Larry ConklinConklin, LarryDiscographyBio
Troy ConnConn, Troy  
Connect.OhmConnect Ohm  
Connection Machineconnection machine  
Nathan ConnellyConnelly, Nathan  
Harry Connick, Jr.Connick, HarryDiscographyBio
Jim ConnollyConnolly, Jim   
Rita ConnollyConnolly, Rita  
Kevin Connor and Swing 3POConnor and Swing 3PO, Kevin   
Bill ConnorsConnors, Bill  
Don ConoscentiConoscenti, Don  
Burt Conrad All StarsConrad, Burt All Stars  
Don ConreauxConreaux, Don  
Conscious MindConscious Mind  
Conscious PilotConscious Pilot  
John Consemulderconsemulder, john  
Carmen ConsoliConsoli, Carmen  
Constant FluxConstant  
The ContactContact, The  
Luis ConteConte, Luis  
Paolo ConteConte, PaoloDiscographyBio
London Contemporary Orchestracontemporary orchestra, london  
Al ContiConti, Al  
Jackson ContiConti, Jackson   
Continental Film NightContinental Film Night  
Adriana ContinoContino, Adriana  
Continuo (Victor Friedberg)Continuo Bio
Accordo Dei ContrariContrari, Accordo Dei   
Hector ContrerasContreras, Hector   
John ConvertinoConvertino, John  
Chris ConwayConway, Chris  
Liana ConwayConway, Liana   
Ry CooderCooder, Ry  
Hollie CookCook, Hollie  
Jesse CookCook, JesseDiscographyBio
Matthew CookCook, Matthew  
Cool HipnoiseCool Hipnoise  
Cool WaterCool Water  
CoolangubraCoolangubra Discography 
Ron CooleyCooley, Ron  
Calvin L. Coolidge, IICoolidge, Calvin LDiscographyBio
Joyce CoolingCooling, JoyceDiscographyBio
Co-op BopCo-op Bop  
Liz Cooper and the StampedeCooper and the Stampede, Liz   
AlyssA Coopercooper, alyssa Bio
Gary CooperCooper, Gary  
Gloria CooperCooper, Gloria  
Jessie Allen CooperCooper, Jessie AllenDiscographyBio
Marc CooperCooper, Marc  
Matthew Robert CooperCooper, Matthew Robert   
Patrick Coopercooper, patrick  
Ray CooperCooper, RayDiscographyBio
Richard W. CooperCooper, Richard W.  
Simon CooperCooper, SimonDiscographyBio
Steve CooperCooper, Steve  
Timothy CooperCooper, Timothy  
Ty CooperCooper, Ty  
Copal RiverCopal River  
Stewart CopelandCopland, Stewart  
Al CopleyCopley, AlDiscographyBio
Sarah Copuscopus, sarah  
Coram Deo EnsembleCoram Deo Ensemble  
Max CorbachoCorbacho, MaxDiscographyBio
Cecile CorbelCorbel, CecileDiscography 
Andrew CorbettCorbett, Andrew  
Marcus CorbettCorbett, Marcus  
The CoreCore, The   
Chick CoreaCorea, Chick  
The Corgi RebellionCorgi Rebellion  
Sheryl CormierCormier, Sheryl  
Sheryl Cormier & Cajun SoundsCormier, Sheryl & Cajun Sounds  
Cornelius (Claudio Kreusch)Cornelius (Claudio Kreusch)  
Allison CornellCornell, AllisonDiscographyBio
Chris CornellCornell, Chris  
Richard CornellCornell, Richard   
Bill CornishCornish, Bill  
CORNSMOKE (Gary LaCorte)CornSmokeDiscographyBio
Coro de la Ikastola de IrúnCoro de la Ikastola de Irún  
Andrea CorrCorr, Andrea  
Emin CorradoCorrado, Emin  
Jorge CorreaCorrea, Jorge  
Viv CorringhamCorringham, Viv   
The CorrsCorrs Bio
Eva CortésCortés, Eva  
David CorterCorter, David  
Carmen Cortés & GuadianaCortes, Carmen Guadiana  
Laura CorteseCortese, Laura   
Chris CortezCortez, Chris  
Christopher CortezCortez, Christopher  
Diego CortezCortez, Diego   
José Mª. CortinaCortina, Jose  
Jack Cortner Big BandCortner, Jack Big Band  
David CortopassiCortopassi, David  
Corvus CoraxCorvus Corax   
Julia CoryCory, Julia  
Robert CoryCory, RobertDiscographyBio
Julian CoryellCoryell, JulianDiscographyBio
Larry CoryellCoryell, Larry  
Gianni CosciaCoscia, Gianni   
Ben CosgroveCosgrove, Ben   
The Cosmic ArcCosmic Arc  
Cosmic BabyCosmic Baby  
Cosmic GroundCosmic Ground  
Cosmic SmokersCosmic Smokers   
Cosmik ChillCosmik Chill  
Cosmo FrequencyCosmo Frequency  
Cosmo MooseCosmo Moose  
Patrick CosmosCosmos, Patrick  
The CosmosCosmos, The   
Scott CossuCossu, ScottDiscographyBio
Patricia Costa KimCosta Kim, Patricia  
Dave CostaCosta, Dave  
Gal CostaCosta, Gal  
Manecas CostaCosta, Manecas  
Giorgio CostantiniCostantini, Giorgio DiscographyBio
Elvis CostelloCostello, Elvis   
Katie CostelloCostello, Katie  
Rob CostlowCostlow, RobDiscographyBio
Costo RicoCosto Rico  
George CotsirilosCotsirilos, George  
The CottarsCottars  
Brent CottenCotten, Brent  
The CottersCotters, The  
Irv CottlerCottler, Irv  
Danille CottonCotton, Danille   
Stephen CoughlinCoughlin, Stephen  
Bruno CoulaisCoulais, Bruno  
Michael CoulonCoulon, Michael  
Mo CoulsonCoulson, Mo   
Phil CoulterCoulter, PhilDiscographyBio
William CoulterCoulter, William  
The Count Basie OrchestraCount Basie Orchestra  
The Counterfeit JunkiesCounterfeit Junkies  
Counting CrowsCounting CrowsDiscography 
County BoulderCounty Boulder  
Rebecca Coupe FranksCoupe Franks, Rebecca  
Francois CourtierCourtier, Francois   
Christina CourtinCourtin, Christina   
Cousin SilasCousin Silas  
Rose CousinsCousins, Rose  
François CoutureCouture, FrançoisDiscographyBio
François CouturierCouturier, François  
R.J. CowderyCowdery, R.J.   
Ben CoxCox, BenDiscographyBio
Deborah Coxcox, deborah  
Doug CoxCox, Doug   
Peter CoxCox, Peter   
Rick CoxCox, Rick  
Robin CoxCox, Robin  
Robert Haig CoxonCoxon, Robert Haig  
Dan Coy TrioCoy Trio, Dan   
Eamonn Coyne & Kris DreverCoyne, Eamonn  
Coyote JumpCoyote Jump  
Coyote Poets of the UniverseCoyote Poets of the UniverseDiscographyBio
Coyote ZenCoyote ZenDiscographyBio
Lu CozmaCozma, Lu  
Melissa CrabtreeCrabtree, Melissa  
Cracked IceCracked Ice  
Steven CraggCragg, StevenDiscographyBio
The Craig Larson TrioCraig Larson Trio, The   
Craig Russo Latin Jazz ProjectCraig Russo Latin Jazz ProjectDiscographyBio
Carl CraigCraig, Carl  
Claudius CraigCraig, Claudius  
Jamie CraigCraig, Jamie   
Trisha CraigCraig, Trisha  
David CraigheadCraighead, David   
Samantha Crain & the Midnight ShiversCrain & the Midnight Shivers, Samantha   
Brian CrainCrain, BrianDiscographyBio
Michael CrainCrain, Michael  
Sam CrainCrain, Sam  
Samantha CrainCrain, Samantha   
Richard CrandellCrandell, Richard  
Emmalee CraneCrane, Emmalee   
Timothy CraneCrane, TimothyDiscographyBio
Cranford HollowCranford Hollow  
Cranial MythosCranial Mythos  
Dan CraryCrary, Dan  
Joe CravenCraven, Joe  
Steven CravisCravis, StevenDiscographyBio
The CrawdaddiesCrawdaddiesDiscographyBio
Amy CrawfordCrawford, Amy   
David Crawfordcrawford, david Bio
Kevin CrawfordCrawford, Kevin  
Rahbi CrawfordCrawford, Rahbi  
Tim (Windwalker) CrawfordCrawford, Tim Windwalker Bio
Wes CrawfordCrawford, Wes  
Crazy CaribsCrazy Caribs   
Steve CreasonCreason, Steve  
Cree ConfederationCree Confederation  
Jez CreekCreek, Jez  
Robert CreeleyCreeley, Robert   
Malcolm CreeseCreese, Malcolm  
Natalie CressmanCressman, Natalie  
Lawrence CresswellCresswell, Lawrence   
Jennifer CrestolCrestol, Jennifer  
Maria CreuzaCreuza, Maria  
Matt CriscuoloCriscuolo, Matt   
Marilyn CrispellCrispel, Marilyn  
Teresa CristinaCristina, Teresa  
Rick CrittendenCrittenden, Rick  
Ashley CrnicCrnic, Ashley  
Theo CrokerCroker, Theo   
Daniel CrommieCrommie. Daniel  
Crooked StillCrooked Still   
Joe CrookstonCrookston, Joe   
Crosby & NashCrosby & Nash  
David CrosbyCrosby, David  
Crosby, Pevar, RaymondCrosby, Pevar, Raymond  
Crosby, Stills and NashCrosby, Stills and Nash  
David CrossCross, David   
Mary Beth CrossCross, Mary Beth  
Jon CrosseCrosse, Jon  
The CrossingCrossing, The  
Peter Crotoncroton, peter  
Crouch End Festival ChorusCrouch End Festival Chorus  
Robert CrouchCrouch, Robert   
Crow and the CanyonCrow and the Canyon  
Sheryl CrowCrow, Sheryl  
Lucy Crowecrowe, lucy  
David Crowell EnsembleCrowell Ensemble, David   
DAC CrowellCrowell, DAC  
Rodney CrowellCrowell, RodneyDiscographyBio
Aos CrowleyCrowley, Aos  
Crown InvisibleCrown Invisible  
George CrumbCrumb, George   
Stephan CrumpCrump, Stephan  
The CrusadersCrusaders, The  
Fortune Vinson CruseCruse, Fortune Vinson  
Carolyn CrusoCruso, Carolyn  
Rusty CrutcherCrutcher, RustyDiscographyBio
Celia CruzCruz, Celia  
John CruzCruz, John  
Quique CruzCruz, Quique  
Silvia Perez CruzCruz, Silvia Perez  
E.J. CryanCryan, E.J.DiscographyBio
Cryptic SceneryCryptic Scenery   
Crystal DreamsCrystal Dreams  
Crystal MoonCrystal Moon  
Crystal WindCrystal Wind  
Crystalline DreamCrystalline Dream  
The Glenn Crytzer OrchestraCrytzer Orchestra, The Glenn  
Cheick Tidiane SeckCseck, Cheick Tidiane  
Cuarteto de Clarinetes de CaracasCuarteto de Clarinetes de Caracas  
Cuba L.A.Cuba L.A.Discography 
Cuba PercussionCuba Percussion  
Alex CubaCuba, Alex  
The Cuban CowboysCuban Cowboys  
Ferran CubedoCubedo, Ferran  
CuBop City Big BandCuBop City Big Band  
Warren CuccurulloCuccurullo, Warren   
Nick CudaCuda, Nick  
Tony CuffeCuffe, Tony  
Brian CulbertsonCulbertson, BrianDiscographyBio
David CullenCullen, DavidDiscographyBio
Lori CullenCullen, LoriDiscographyBio
Daniel CuillerCullier, Daniel  
Jamie CullumCullum, Jamie  
Cult with No NameCult with No Name  
Cultura ProféticaCultura ProféticaDiscographyBio
Cumberland ConsortCumberland Consort  
Albert CummingsCummings, Albert  
Andy CummingsCummings, Andy  
Amelia CuniCuni, Amelia  
Kim CunioCunio, Kim  
Bill CunliffeCunliffe, Bill  
Dana CunninghamCunningham, DanaDiscographyBio
Johnny CunninghamCunningham, JohnnyDiscographyBio
Julia CunninghamCunningham, Julia DiscographyBio
Lori CunninghamCunningham, Lori Bio
Phil CunninghamCunningham, Phil  
Scott CunninghamCunningham, Scott  
Tim Cunninghamcunningham, tim  
Cuong Vu TrioCuong Vu Trio  
Jose CuraCura, Jose   
Jah CureCure, Jah  
Shannon CurfmanCurfman, Shannon   
Joseph CurialeCuriale, JosephDiscography 
Tom CurlyCurly, Tom  
Amelia CurranCurran, Amelia   
Buck CurranCurran, Buck  
Rachel CurreaCurrea, Rachel   
Billy CurrieCurrie, Billy   
Joe CurryCurry, JoeDiscographyBio
Nick CurryCurry, Nick  
Corin CurschellasCurschellas, Corin   
Regula CurtiCurti, Regula   
Joey CurtinCurtin, Joey  Bio
Catie CurtisCurtis, Catie   
Henry Adam CurtisCurtis, Henry AdamDiscographyBio
Jason Paul CurtisCurtis, Jason Paul  
Jennifer CurtisCurtis, Jennifer  
Linda CushmaCushma, Linda  
Chelsea CutlerCutler, Chelsea  
Chris CutlerCutler, Chris  
Rick CutlerCutler, Rick  
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean OrchestraCutting, Jennifer Bio
Cyber Zen Sound EngineCyber  
Jeremiah CymermanCymerman, Jeremiah   
Reginald CyntjeCyntje, Reginald   
The Czech Film Orchestra, Michael Riesman, Cond.czech film orchestra, the  
The Czech Philharmonic Chamber OrchestraCzech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra  
Holger CzukayCzukay, Holger  
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