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 Top Recordings for September 2011
 Title: Surrender
Artist: Jeff Oster
Label: Retso Records
Score:  11.56

2(1) Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey - Bill Wren & Frank Ralls - Ponder Dust 9.70
3(--) Spectrum: An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music - Hennie Bekker - Abbeywood Records 9.09
4(4) Resonance - Takashi Suzuki - Calm Records 7.59
5(7) Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal - Lia Scallon - Sounds of Sirius 6.39
5(--) Reflections - Candice Night - Minstrel Hall Music 6.39
7(8) Carried Away - Janice Faber - Self-Released 5.77
8(--) Eclectic Eve - Christopher Lapina - Lapina Music 5.62
9(2) ...and Love Rages On! - AOMusic - Self Released 5.26
10(3) Where I Belong - Sajjad - Self Released 3.88

115Autumn Sky Blackmore's NightMinstrel Hall Music 3.77
1214From Out of the Vast Comes NearnessPaul EllisLotuspike 3.09
13--Earth SongsDouglas Blue Feather and Danny VorisSpirit Hawk Records 2.83
1334MetamorphosesBob Kilgore w/ Bear and Sarah MorrisWeaseltrap Records 2.83
1521Dance Of The Shadow PlanetsJon DurantAlchemy Records 2.70
166Angels of the SunFred ThraneSelf Released 2.56
1710A Thousand YearsStanton Lanier w/ Jill Haley, Noah Wilding, Will AckermanMusic to Light the World 2.55
18--The Guild/ Days of SorrowM.K.SolSelf-Released 2.50
19--Silent StarBernward KochReal Music 2.41
2011The Language of FlowersEric HarryCalm Records 2.15
2124Relaxing Melodies of NatureKenio FukeReal Music 2.09
21--BLISSPaul AvgerinosRound Sky Music 2.09
2352I Remember Michael: A Michael Jackson Solo Guitar TributeAdam RaffertyCrescent Ridge Publising 1.82
2430Their Moment of Perfect HappinessCyberchumpInternal Combustion 1.67
24--TransitionsPatrick O'HearnPatrick O'Hearn Music 1.67
2413Piano and LightBrian CrainSelf Released 1.67
2712PorcelainHelen Jane LongWarner Classics & Jazz (WCJ) 1.65
2819From the Dark Side of the MoonMary FahlSelf Released 1.44
299Something Getting WrongMichael de SalemMichael de Salem Music 1.24
3050Logical DriftLogical DriftNYCMusic 1.08
3125Seeker After PatternsSensitive ChaosSubsequent Records 1.00
3217Spiritual Piano: Message MusicSteven CSteven C. Music 0.98
33--Unit IA42Larry KucharzInternational Audiochrome 0.95
3440The Road EternalSteve Roach / Erik WølloProjekt 0.92
3545UndergroundLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 0.91
3639Music For Commuting [Volumes 1-6]Ken ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 0.88
3796Silent Currents: Live at Star's EndErik WølloProjekt 0.85
3847Throughout the Autumn LightRobert LintonOctober Moon Records 0.80
3915A Time of InnocenceKeith DriskillSelf-Released 0.79
3955Handprints of Our PeopleAaron White & Anthony WakemanCanyon Records 0.79
41--Star EyesJohn FlukerRetribution Records 0.76
4218Damayanti2002Galactic Playground Music 0.74
4243IntangibleA Produce & Loren NerellHypnos Recordings 0.74
4227Songs From BeforeFionnuala SherryHearts of Space 0.74
4534A Moment between EternitiesLouis ColaianniaSelf Released 0.73
45--Tassili +10:1TinariwenAnti 0.73
47652Cellos2CellosSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 0.70
4822Erdenklang und Sternentanz (Earthsong and Stardance)GandalfPrudence Recordings/BSC Music 0.65
4816AugustAmy LaurenA.L. Productions 0.65
48--SanctuariesRick CutlerHuman Rick Music 0.65
5166Passion, Fire & GraceGabriel Ayala & Will ClipmanCanyon Records 0.62
52--EssenceReneé MicheleNoteworthy Therapeutics 0.61
53--Bodies To The SkyMichael PeckWorld Waiting Records 0.59
53--Survival & Other StoriesJon AndersonGonzo Multimedia 0.59
5525Many PathsLorrie SarafinLizard Dance Productions 0.58
55--Empty SkyDeuterNew Earth Records 0.58
5720Ancient CityHomeless Balloon24 Chillout Music 0.56
58--Legacy Of A LegendDave BrubeckColumbia/Legacy 0.53
58--Ancient WisdomPsicodreamicsWitches on the Radiowaves 0.53
60--Red Leaf, Grey Sky: Piano ImprovisationsCatherine Marie CharltonRiver Dawn Productions 0.52
60--Live At Sint-ElisabethkirkBalmorheaWestern Vinyl 0.52
6249From Night to the Edge of DayAzam AliSix Degrees Records 0.50
62--LabyrinthDoug Smith 0.50
62--Postcard from Cape CodSilvardMusical Mollusk Recordings 0.50
65--MedusazoaDan Pound 0.47
6537Songs to the EarthAnnette CantorSource Being Productions 0.47
6529CollectionsBlow Up HollywoodSelf Released 0.47
6528DvijaKevin KellerKevin Keller Productions 0.47
6943Sistema SubversiaDa CruzSix Degrees Records 0.45
6966Now and Then: Folk Songs for the 21st CenturyAlex de GrassiTropo Records 0.45
69--DreamKitaro w/ Jon AndersonGeffen Records-Universal Music Group 0.45
69--Brain DanceCarlo De Rosa's Cross-FadeCuneiform Records 0.45
69--AdoreFalling YouMagnatune 0.45
74--Simple BeautyBill LeslieCapitol Broadcasting Company 0.44
75--The Best of Diane ArkenstoneDiane ArkenstoneEverSound 0.42
7645Journey's EndHoward FerréFerre Studios 0.41
7696Roses At The End Of TimeEliza GilkysonRed House Records 0.41
78--Subterranean LandscapesNuminaNuminamusic Recordings 0.39
78--Ars LucisMax Corbachoad21 Music 0.39
7864a day within daysDarshan AmbientLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.39
7880Nostalgia TrailsOne (Tino Izzo)Chacra Alternative Music 0.39
82--IONIgneous FlameLuminaSounds 0.38
83--Dawn of ObscurityNumina 0.36
84--BeachcombingBob HolroydSelf Released 0.35
84--FlyEric Harry w/ Toronto String QuartetCalm Records 0.35
84--A Delicate BalanceLisa DowningVision Quest Entertainment 0.35
84--Beneath ForeverMichael PeckEarth Mantra 0.35
88--Sleek NucleusSaul StokesStokesmusic 0.33
8852Subliminal PulseBruno SanfilippoLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.33
88--Quiet Calling IITomas Weiss & Mathias GrassowMusical Philosophy 0.33
9187Weaving WorldsLisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter 0.32
91--The Way of the OceanMedwyn GoodallNew World Music 0.32
93--Gentle AngelsJohn KerrTBN Records 0.30
93--Rain Falls In GreyRadio Massacre InternationalCuneiform Records 0.30
9358Northern SeasAl ContiShadowside Music Publishing 0.30
93--Dream: A Liquid Mind ExperienceLiquid MindReal Music 0.30
93--LoveKevin YazzieCanyon Records 0.30
93--Olde GhostsLily Pond Orchestra 0.30
93--Passage Through a DreamPhillip SchroederInnova Recordings 0.30
93--Chamber MusicBallaké Sissoko & Vincent SegalSix Degrees Records 0.30
93--In A Sentimental MoodLisa LeMay 0.30
93--Nothing But The TruthDan Coy TrioAVL 0.30
93--Path to Zero: Prayer CycleJonathan EliasAcross the Universe 0.30
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