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 Top Recordings for July 2012
 Title: Touched by the Sun
Artist: Todd Boston
Label: Gita Records
Score:  11.80

2(5) Cycle - Takashi Suzuki - Calm Records 8.69
3(6) El Dorado - Luna Blanca - confido 8.38
4(2) Reconstructed: Solo piano - Isadar - Mainya Music 8.35
5(7) BEEing HUMAN - Mark Bruland - Appley Ever After Music 7.77
6(3) Whereas - Rebecca Oswald - Self Released 7.25
7(--) Deep Alpha - Steven Halpern - Inner Peace Music 5.69
8(9) A Time for Healing - Mike Wall - Open Ear Studios 4.46
9(51) Islands: Essential Einaudi - Ludovico Einaudi - Decca Records-Universal Music 4.34
10(16) Going to California - Joey Curtin - Mulberry Tree Records 4.11

1110Between EmpiresAeTopus12Ton Productions 3.57
1215The Heart Of The SoulCraig PadillaSpotted Peccary Music 3.52
1311BadlandsEric TingstadCheshire Records 3.48
1489It Happens to EveTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 3.23
1514Radhe's DreamMartyrs of SoundChaka Groove 3.02
168inhale slowlyTim White and Joe PaulinoWhiteGates Music 2.82
174PanomorphiaCarl WeingartenMultiphase Records 2.75
1818The Dreaming LightWall MatthewsZen Gardens Music 2.71
19--IlluminationJennifer ThomasTickled Ivory Music 2.15
2013Earth VoyageJoseph SullingerSoundship Music Records 2.00
21--Flute MedicineDouglas Blue FeatherSpirit Hawk Records 1.78
2222The Piano DreamerJan Mulder and London Symphony OrchestraMiller Music 1.69
2219Echoes of LoveOmar AkramReal Music 1.69
2417Stellar ConnectionThierry DavidReal Music 1.57
2560Sympathetic Serenade (Mini-EP)Matthew MontfortAncient-Future.Com Records 1.45
2620Patterns of ReflectionPeter SterlingHarp Magic Music 1.35
2724Distant Horizons Series: MediterraneanAmberfernReal Music 1.32
2833Drifting In DreamsMichele IppolitoPenrose Records 1.29
2928BinduMichael Brant DeMariaOntos Music 1.25
2934Divine Dimension: Bansuri Flute MeditationsRajendra TeredesaiReal Music 1.25
31--Linger LongerLaura McMillanPerhaps Piano Records 1.23
32--AnimismForrest FangProjekt 1.20
33--Spirit of NatureKenio FukeReal Music 1.14
3412Wires, Rosewood & RootsBob ArdernSelf Released 1.12
3429Live at El Morro, Puerto RicoYanniSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 1.12
3625TimeMichael LogozarSelf Released 1.11
3735Sensual JourneysFiona JoyLittle Hartley Music 1.08
37--The GatheringV/AWest River Records 1.08
3923American ImpressionsLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 1.06
4027Live at the QFiona Joy and The Blue Dream EnsembleLittle Hartley Music 1.05
4142Family ValuesCraig KarolusSelf Released 0.97
4236EternityJohn LyellSelf Released 0.95
4354UrbsBruno SanfilippoHypnos Recordings 0.85
43--After The RainIan BoddyDiN 0.85
4521Lucid DreamsArturo MayorgaSelf Released 0.83
4629EpochShane Morris and MystifiedLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.80
4746Earth Warrior: Light of our AncestorsTony DuncanCanyon Records 0.78
48--Seventh HeavenAnthony Phillips & Andrew SkeetSelf Released 0.71
49--Will's EmbraceRonnda CadleSelf Released 0.68
5058Earth SongsDouglas Blue Feather and Danny VorisSpirit Hawk Records 0.63
5149Here Comes the SunDavid Lanz w/ Gary Stroutsos, Walter Gray, Keith LoweMoon Boy Music 0.60
51--Medicine BoxRobert RichSoundscape Productions 0.60
53--RipplesGlenn MainAD Music 0.58
54--The Dream GalleryMark AbelDelos 0.57
5441Standing On TopCraig KarolusSelf Released 0.57
5426CooperationCyber Zen Sound EngineSelf Released 0.57
57--Slow DreamLoren NerellProjekt 0.55
5876In WinterMichael Manring w/ Kevin KastningGreydisc Records 0.51
5851Ambient, Landscape and SpaceAmongst MyselvesSelf Released 0.51
60--Chemical InconveniencesThe Pels SyndicateAD Music 0.49
60--Synthetic MemoriesJustin VanderbergSpotted Peccary Music 0.49
62--LeylinesAes DanaUltimae 0.48
6260Introducing Nathan PachecoNathan PachecoDisney Pearl Series 0.48
64--AnastasisDead Can DancePias Recordings - Diquela 0.46
6547Day Out of TimeSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.45
66--Southern HeartsHelen O'HaraNew World Music 0.43
6642The Slow Dance of TimeTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 0.43
6631Giving Voice: Guitar ExplorationsRich OsbornFree Range Raga Records 0.43
6638SumudNiyazSix Degrees Records 0.43
7068Gregorian JourneyJaiParadise Music 0.42
7069Shining TrueAmy JanelleLive Your Dream Music 0.42
70--The Landing (Special Edition)David ClavijoSelf Released 0.42
7049Different ColoursMarconi UnionJust Music 0.42
74--AirborneErik WølloProjekt 0.40
74--Atmospheric VariationsDivine MatrixAD Music 0.40
7464Songs of Indigenous WomanhoodFawn WoodCanyon Records 0.40
77--Ice: Piano Slightly ChilledFiona JoyLittle Hartley Music 0.38
7739Heavy as a FeatherKathryn KayeFinal Notes 0.38
79--The Village LanterneBlackmore's NightSPV Recordings 0.37
7954Blessing, Peace and HarmonyMonks of the DesertSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 0.37
81--A Change of WorldsEnsemble GalileiDorian Sono Luminus 0.35
82--Music For Commuting [Volumes 1-6]Ken ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 0.34
82--Life is Grand...SilvardMusical Mollusk Recordings 0.34
82--The Light That BendsMingoSonarweb Communications 0.34
82--TravelsDoug HammerDreamworld Productions 0.34
86--Morning ScapesOne (Tino Izzo)Tab Records 0.32
86--Hymns of the CeltsAdoramusOreade Music 0.32
86--Sail Into the WindDaniel KleefeldDMK Productions 0.32
86--October WindRebecca OswaldSelf Released 0.32
86--1492 - Conquest of ParadiseVangelisAtlantic 0.32
91--If I Had KnownGreg BrownRed House Records 0.31
91--Here It IsJohn McKoneBellMetal Music 0.31
91--Walking on SeaRadio Massacre InternationalNorthern Echo Recordings 0.31
91--Where I BelongSajjadSelf Released 0.31
91--GenerationsBucky & John PizzarelliArbors Jazz 0.31
9176Bold As LightStephan MicusECM Records 0.31
91--Into the WindJoe BongiornoPiano Haven 0.31
91--LyraIgneous FlameLuminaSounds 0.31
9132Dawn of PeaceLynn Yew EversSelf-Released 0.31
9176Earth And SkyKate JaconelloSelf Released 0.31
91--Subtle ShiftWithin ReasonHarmonic Resonance Recordings 0.31
91--The Deception Of RealityNuminaHypnos Recordings 0.31
9189Machu PiccuTangerine Dream 0.31
91--The Spider and the FlySylvia Herold and the Rhythm BugsSelf Released 0.31
91--Second Decade 2002 - 2012V/AManikin Records 0.31
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