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 Top Recordings for June 2012
 Title: Touched by the Sun
Artist: Todd Boston
Label: Gita Records
Score:  10.33

2(38) Reconstructed: Solo piano - Isadar - Mainya Music 8.55
3(6) Whereas - Rebecca Oswald - Self Released 7.75
4(2) Panomorphia - Carl Weingarten - Multiphase Records 7.64
5(--) Cycle - Takashi Suzuki - Calm Records 7.31
6(41) El Dorado - Luna Blanca - confido 6.19
7(10) BEEing HUMAN - Mark Bruland - Appley Ever After Music 6.03
8(5) inhale slowly - Tim White and Joe Paulino - WhiteGates Music 5.84
9(8) A Time for Healing - Mike Wall - Open Ear Studios 5.78
10(11) Between Empires - AeTopus - 12Ton Productions 4.69

1115BadlandsEric TingstadCheshire Records 4.28
121Wires, Rosewood & RootsBob ArdernSelf Released 3.80
1313Earth VoyageJoseph SullingerSoundship Music Records 3.53
14--Radhe's DreamMartyrs of SoundChaka Groove 3.50
1512The Heart Of The SoulCraig PadillaSpotted Peccary Music 3.41
16--Going to CaliforniaJoey CurtinMulberry Tree Records 3.23
1717Stellar ConnectionThierry DavidReal Music 2.45
1814The Dreaming LightWall MatthewsZen Gardens Music 2.41
1916Echoes of LoveOmar AkramReal Music 2.39
204Patterns of ReflectionPeter SterlingHarp Magic Music 2.19
213Lucid DreamsArturo MayorgaSelf Released 2.14
2220The Piano DreamerJan Mulder and London Symphony OrchestraMiller Music 2.08
237American ImpressionsLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 1.86
2431Distant Horizons Series: MediterraneanAmberfernReal Music 1.78
2518TimeMichael LogozarSelf Released 1.70
2622CooperationCyber Zen Sound EngineSelf Released 1.67
2725Live at the QFiona Joy and The Blue Dream EnsembleLittle Hartley Music 1.55
2820BinduMichael Brant DeMariaOntos Music 1.50
2927EpochShane Morris and MystifiedLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 1.47
2924Live at El Morro, Puerto RicoYanniSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 1.47
319Giving Voice: Guitar ExplorationsRich OsbornFree Range Raga Records 1.45
3219Dawn of PeaceLynn Yew EversSelf-Released 1.44
3326Drifting In DreamsMichele IppolitoPenrose Records 1.41
3447Divine Dimension: Bansuri Flute MeditationsRajendra TeredesaiReal Music 1.20
35--Sensual JourneysFiona JoyLittle Hartley Music 1.05
3629EternityJohn LyellSelf Released 1.03
3723Back to LifeSteve RoachProjekt 1.00
3841SumudNiyazSix Degrees Records 0.92
3940Heavy as a FeatherKathryn KayeFinal Notes 0.88
4071A New Horizon: Special EditionJosé Luis Serrano EstebanSelf Released 0.84
41--Standing On TopCraig KarolusSelf Released 0.83
4234The Slow Dance of TimeTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 0.81
42--Family ValuesCraig KarolusSelf Released 0.81
4436TransitionsPatrick O'HearnPatrick O'Hearn Music 0.78
45--The Martian ChroniclesSeren Ffordd & OöphoiHypnos Recordings 0.75
46--Earth Warrior: Light of our AncestorsTony DuncanCanyon Records 0.70
47--Day Out of TimeSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.67
4867Empty SkyDeuterNew Earth Records 0.66
4933Here Comes the SunDavid Lanz w/ Gary Stroutsos, Walter Gray, Keith LoweMoon Boy Music 0.61
49--Different ColoursMarconi UnionJust Music 0.61
5132Ambient, Landscape and SpaceAmongst MyselvesSelf Released 0.56
51--Islands: Essential EinaudiLudovico EinaudiDecca Records-Universal Music 0.56
51--Bruce Kaphan QuartetBruce Kaphan QuartetWiggling Air Records 0.56
54--UrbsBruno SanfilippoHypnos Recordings 0.53
5438Blessing, Peace and HarmonyMonks of the DesertSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 0.53
5675Horse DanceCree ConfederationCanyon Records 0.50
5628In the WakeAnn SweetenOrange Band Records 0.50
5852Earth SongsDouglas Blue Feather and Danny VorisSpirit Hawk Records 0.48
58--Low Volume MusicSteve Roach & Dirk SerriesProjekt 0.48
60--Sympathetic Serenade (Mini-EP)Matthew MontfortAncient-Future.Com Records 0.47
60--The Best Exotic Marigold HotelThomas NewmanSony 0.47
6083Introducing Nathan PachecoNathan PachecoDisney Pearl Series 0.47
6047Awakening: Rāga BhairavDan BlanchardPeaceful Vibes 0.47
64--Waiting for the MoonJohn AdorneyEverSound 0.45
64--Good SignDavolGIRA Sound 0.45
6462Songs of Indigenous WomanhoodFawn WoodCanyon Records 0.45
6751Dreaming As I KnewKevin Kastning & Carl ClementsGreydisc Records 0.42
68--Gregorian JourneyJaiParadise Music 0.41
69--Shining TrueAmy JanelleLive Your Dream Music 0.38
69--Many PathsLorrie SarafinLizard Dance Productions 0.38
7180Solitary TreasuresDarlene KoldenhovenTimeArt Recordings 0.36
7141Into ForeverFrank Steiner, Jr.Real Music 0.36
7367Star EyesJohn FlukerRetribution Records 0.34
73--An Artist's StrokeGert EmmensGroove Unlimited 0.34
75--ResonanceTakashi SuzukiCalm Records 0.33
76--The Harrow and the HarvestGillian WelchAcony Records 0.31
76--Silent Currents: Live at Star's EndErik WølloProjekt 0.31
76--Eastern Standard TimeThe Reese ProjectIn The Groove Records 0.31
76--RiseARCDiN 0.31
76--Bold As LightStephan MicusECM Records 0.31
76--Earth And SkyKate JaconelloSelf Released 0.31
76--American GuitarPat DonohueBluesky Records 0.31
7675New PathsLawrence MossInnova Recordings 0.31
7683You & IThe PiercesMercury Records 0.31
76--For All Those LivingSheryl Bailey 4Pure Music 0.31
76--Take To The TreesV/ASound For Good 0.31
76--In WinterMichael Manring w/ Kevin KastningGreydisc Records 0.31
76--When Words FadeAnderson & RoeSteinway & Sons 0.31
89--Booster VTangerine Dream 0.30
8959True MelodiesCheevers ToppahCanyon Records 0.30
89--RetrospectiveBen KettlewellLyrebird Media 0.30
89--Impromptu (digital EP)Bruno Sanfilippoad21 Music 0.30
89--It Happens to EveTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 0.30
89--Live At Gianello Square, Volume1Alan Broadbent TrioChilly Bin Records 0.30
89--Machu PiccuTangerine Dream 0.30
89--Human AgainIngrid MichaelsonCabin 24 Records 0.30
89--In Search of ParadiseBill KrinerSelf Released 0.30
89--Passing LightsBryan CarriganPeonies Music 0.30
89--Evening In VermontThe Reese ProjectRhombus Records 0.30
8935Time RiderUwe GronauTime Rider Music 0.30
89--Another Place and Time...Heidi Anne BreyerWinterhall Records 0.30
89--Everlasting MomentThe Ministry of Inside ThingsSynkronos 0.30
89--Lifescapes (Artists of Note): MeditationsWill AckermanCompass Records 0.30
89--Music for Brainwave Massage 2Jeffrey ThompsonRelaxation Company 0.30
89--OceanMichael Brant DeMariaOntos Music 0.30
89--21Adele 0.30
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