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 Top Recordings for May 2012
 Title: Wires, Rosewood & Roots
Artist: Bob Ardern
Label: Self Released
Score:  8.67

2(2) Panomorphia - Carl Weingarten - Multiphase Records 8.44
3(1) Lucid Dreams - Arturo Mayorga - Self Released 8.37
4(4) Patterns of Reflection - Peter Sterling - Harp Magic Music 8.27
5(10) inhale slowly - Tim White and Joe Paulino - WhiteGates Music 7.79
6(--) Whereas - Rebecca Oswald - Self Released 6.35
7(5) American Impressions - Lisa Hilton - Ruby Slippers Productions 5.62
8(48) A Time for Healing - Mike Wall - Open Ear Studios 5.37
9(7) Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations - Rich Osborn - Free Range Raga Records 5.32
10(--) BEEing HUMAN - Mark Bruland - Appley Ever After Music 4.49

1144Between EmpiresAeTopus12Ton Productions 4.37
1232The Heart Of The SoulCraig PadillaSpotted Peccary Music 4.10
138Earth VoyageJoseph SullingerSoundship Music Records 3.97
1439The Dreaming LightWall MatthewsZen Gardens Music 3.21
15--BadlandsEric TingstadCheshire Records 2.70
16--Echoes of LoveOmar AkramReal Music 2.68
1712Stellar ConnectionThierry DavidReal Music 2.59
1813TimeMichael LogozarSelf Released 2.57
196Dawn of PeaceLynn Yew EversSelf-Released 2.49
2016The Piano DreamerJan Mulder and London Symphony OrchestraMiller Music 2.44
2011BinduMichael Brant DeMariaOntos Music 2.44
2223CooperationCyber Zen Sound EngineSelf Released 2.38
2329Back to LifeSteve RoachProjekt 2.11
2447Live at El Morro, Puerto RicoYanniSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 2.02
2514Live at the QFiona Joy and The Blue Dream EnsembleLittle Hartley Music 2.00
2624Drifting In DreamsMichele IppolitoPenrose Records 1.89
2735EpochShane Morris and MystifiedLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 1.67
289In the WakeAnn SweetenOrange Band Records 1.60
2927EternityJohn LyellSelf Released 1.41
3018The Landing (Special Edition)David ClavijoSelf Released 1.35
31--Distant Horizons Series: MediterraneanAmberfernReal Music 1.29
3226Ambient, Landscape and SpaceAmongst MyselvesSelf Released 1.11
3315Here Comes the SunDavid Lanz w/ Gary Stroutsos, Walter Gray, Keith LoweMoon Boy Music 1.00
3428The Slow Dance of TimeTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 0.92
3522Time RiderUwe GronauTime Rider Music 0.83
3641TransitionsPatrick O'HearnPatrick O'Hearn Music 0.79
3717The Spectrum of LoveGreg MaroneyHen House Records 0.71
38--Reconstructed: Solo pianoIsadarMainya Music 0.70
38--Blessing, Peace and HarmonyMonks of the DesertSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 0.70
4030Heavy as a FeatherKathryn KayeFinal Notes 0.67
4151BLISSPaul AvgerinosRound Sky Music 0.65
41--El DoradoLuna Blancaconfido 0.65
4125Into ForeverFrank Steiner, Jr.Real Music 0.65
41--SumudNiyazSix Degrees Records 0.65
4536Dream In BlueDarshan AmbientLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.63
46--Beyond Time: Compilation 1KaruneshOreade Music 0.62
47--Divine Dimension: Bansuri Flute MeditationsRajendra TeredesaiReal Music 0.59
4721Awakening: Rāga BhairavDan BlanchardPeaceful Vibes 0.59
4745FrontiersIan Boddy & Erik WølloDiN 0.59
47--Groove ImmersionSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.59
5176Dreaming As I KnewKevin Kastning & Carl ClementsGreydisc Records 0.57
5243Earth SongsDouglas Blue Feather and Danny VorisSpirit Hawk Records 0.56
5373Gallery of Dreams: Plus Live! (20th Anniversary Edition)GandalfPrudence Recordings/BSC Music 0.54
54--Nostalgia TrailsOne (Tino Izzo)Chacra Alternative Music 0.52
5541Synthetic MemoriesJustin VanderbergSpotted Peccary Music 0.51
56--ArcanaJef StottSix Degrees Records 0.49
57--Falling Through TimeAsher QuinnSelf Released 0.48
57--The Shaman's Heart II: The Healing JourneyByron Metcalf w/ Steve RoachProjekt 0.48
59--...and Love Rages On!AOMusicSelf Released 0.46
59--Pieces of Life (2011 Edition)Donovan JohnsonBoxhouse Music Co. 0.46
59--True MelodiesCheevers ToppahCanyon Records 0.46
62--Songs of Indigenous WomanhoodFawn WoodCanyon Records 0.43
62--Damayanti2002Galactic Playground Music 0.43
62--Dance Of The Shadow PlanetsJon DurantAlchemy Records 0.43
6237SurrenderJeff OsterRetso Records 0.43
62--Celtic TalesGrollo & BrovazzoOreade Music 0.43
6762Empty SkyDeuterNew Earth Records 0.41
67--FocusBryan CarriganPeonies Music 0.41
67--Star EyesJohn FlukerRetribution Records 0.41
67--Road to HomeDonovan JohnsonBoxhouse Music Co. 0.41
7120A New Horizon: Special EditionJosé Luis Serrano EstebanSelf Released 0.40
7153Deconsecrated and PureAlio DieProjekt 0.40
7176Ghostly PsalmsPhillip BlackburnInnova Recordings 0.40
7470LyraIgneous FlameLuminaSounds 0.38
7559The Eleanor Hovda CollectionEleanor HovdaInnova Recordings 0.37
7533Troubadours on the RhineLoreena McKennittQuinlan Road-Universal Music 0.37
75--New PathsLawrence MossInnova Recordings 0.37
75--Guitar IslandLuna Blancaconfido 0.37
75--Horse DanceCree ConfederationCanyon Records 0.37
80--Paradigm ShiftMark DwaneTrondant-Orbian Music 0.33
80--immersion: oneSteve RoachProjekt 0.33
8019Solitary TreasuresDarlene KoldenhovenTimeArt Recordings 0.33
8346Into the WindJoe BongiornoPiano Haven 0.32
8355Area 52Rodrigo Y Gabriela & C.U.B.A.ATO Records 0.32
83--HomageBilly TaylorGRP Records 0.32
8385PorcelainHelen Jane LongWarner Classics & Jazz (WCJ) 0.32
8385Reaching InTodd HaygoodIntuitive Sound Prod. 0.32
8385Endless RoadTommy EmmanuelFavored Nations Acoustic 0.32
8362PoetaAl ContiShadowside Music Publishing 0.32
83--Radio SilenceBetween IntervalSpotted Peccary Music 0.32
83--BoosterTangerine DreamPurple Pyramid 0.32
8331Hope ReturnsFrank SmithOpen Tune Music 0.32
83--Stars End 30th Anniversary AnthologyV/AStars End 0.32
83--Morning ScapesOne (Tino Izzo)Tab Records 0.32
83--Spectral IllusionEnigmatic FluxAuric Tone Productions 0.32
83--Roll With It, BabyDrew ParalicSelf Released 0.32
83--Beauty Will ComeRed JuneSelf Released 0.32
8385You & IThe PiercesMercury Records 0.32
83--Waking From The RootsCoyote JumpCanyon Records 0.32
83--Introducing Nathan PachecoNathan PachecoDisney Pearl Series 0.32
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