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 Top Recordings for September 2014
 Title: The Gathering II
Artist: V/A
Label: West River Records
Score:  10.30

2(--) Day Star - Jonn Serrie - New World Music 8.07
3(--) Ambient Alchemy - Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond w/ Michael Manring - Inner Peace Music 7.83
4(29) Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2) - Marconi Union - Just Music 7.61
5(4) Ayahuasca Dreams - Ciro Hurtado - INTI Production Recordings 6.62
6(6) With Evening Above - Jeff Pearce - Jeff Pearce Music 5.80
7(8) Moksha - Ray Spiegel Ensemble - Simla House 5.70
8(9) Moments from the Life Stories of Strangers - Part 1 - Steven Chesne w/ The Luminous World Orchestra - Brahmasong Records 5.46
9(7) Thoughts of Tomorrow - Uwe Gronau - Time Rider Music 5.41
10(1) Narrow Path - Matthew Schoening - Solo Electric Cello 5.09

1110Road to AmboAdam Andrews 5.00
1225StillStephen PepposSonic Bear Music 4.35
132Winds of SamsaraRicky Kej and Wouter KellermanListen 2 Entertainment 4.30
1445Naam RadianceMegan ChaskeyHeartways Music 4.29
15--Songs of a SirenLea LongoSweet Life Music 4.26
165Language Of The SoulSteven VitaliVitali Music Entertainment Corp. / Dream Music Publishing 3.99
17--InspiredBryan CarriganPeonies Music 3.12
1831Tales from the Wine Dark SeaTom CaufieldBohemian Embassy 2.77
1914Echoes of Home: The Most Glorious Celtic MelodiesPhil CoulterShenachie Ent. 2.26
2012The Dream ExchangeJohn LuttrellAtmospheric Music 2.23
2135BhaktiPaul AvgerinosRound Sky Music 2.12
2216Land, Sea, AirAura5August Son Productions 2.09
23--Trail of Dreams2002Galactic Playground Music 2.04
2444Relaxing Rain & Ocean MixesLiquid MindReal Music 1.74
2554Muichi MotsuManeki NekoStray Pointer 1.72
2671Symphony Live In IstanbulKitaroDomo Records 1.65
27--Songs from the Deep FieldDarshan AmbientSpotted Peccary Music 1.64
2821RitualPeter Kater / R. Carlos NakaiMysterium Music 1.59
2911By a WireJennifer DeFrayneLittle Hartley Music 1.49
3023ConfessionsCARisMAChina Records 1.33
30--The Past Is Another CountryAmongst Myselves 1.33
32--EvolutionShane Morris & MystifiedSpotted Peccary Music 1.19
33--HypnosisThierry DavidReal Music 1.17
3439Just The Two Of UsSecret GardenHearts of Space Records - Valley Entertainment Company 1.06
3518Life Under StarsCarl WeingartenMultiphase Records 1.00
3628Yearning for the WindAncient FutureAncient Future 0.99
36--MurmurationsCóemgín CùilKevin Keller Productions 0.99
3837SMPHNCS: Electronic SymphonicsLarry KucharzInternational Audiochrome 0.96
38--Temple of the SoulRoger DavidsonSoundbrush 0.96
3815CloserLouis Colaiannia w/ Various ArtistsLouisColaiannia 0.96
4117A Southern SunJoseph AkinsHeartSong Music 0.91
4226Infinite BeautyDonovan JohnsonBoxhouse Music Co. 0.88
43--Life GivingDan PoundPound Sounds 0.84
4420The Delicate ForeverSteve RoachProjekt 0.72
4534Light of the Naam: Morning ChantsSnatam KaurSpirit Voyage Records 0.68
4619Sketches From An IslandMark BarrottInternational Feel Recordings 0.65
47--UncoveredMaya BeiserInnova Recordings 0.59
4886Stay GoldFirst Aid KitColumbia (Sony Music) 0.58
4924Candlelit ChandeliersAlysha GauthierSelf Released 0.57
5049Tapestries of TimeAnn SweetenOrange Band Records 0.55
5130EmergenceLawrence BlattSelf Released 0.54
5142Dreams From AfarMichael Logozar 0.54
5132Reflection of TimeJohn Lyell 0.54
51--The Tides of Day and NightTigerforestAmadea Records 0.54
5533At the Temple DoorAjeet KaurSpirit Voyage Records 0.52
5541Inner CirclePeter Calandra 0.52
57--Nightlight DaylightMuriel AndersonSelf Released 0.51
5775IIIIPapirEl Paraiso Records 0.51
5998The 442sThe 442sPan Galactic 0.48
5926Arctic SunriseKeraniKerani Music 0.48
6150Dream WalkerVicki LoganCarvic Inc. 0.46
61--TudoBebel GilbertoPortrait Records 0.46
6369Unlike the StarsVin DownesRiverwide Records 0.43
63--ArcanaRobert Scott ThompsonRelaxed Machinery 0.43
6575SonarCraig PadillaFruits de Mer 0.42
6686IntentionByron Metcalf and Mark SeeligProjekt 0.41
6684The Wonder WellJohn AdorneyEverSound 0.41
68--Voices From HeavenRunar Halonen and Tron SyversenTK Music Production 0.39
6943CraftsmanBob ArdernSelf Released 0.38
6939Like A SongCathy OakesSierra Keys Music 0.38
7148Movements of the HeartDavid LanzShanachie 0.36
7159Static MotionSonarCuneiform Records 0.36
7157Watercolor SkyKevin Kastning / Carl ClementsGreydisc Records 0.36
74--The UnchangingDonna De LoryDe Lory Music 0.35
75--TimelinesErik WølloProjekt 0.33
75--River of LightAshanaSpirit Voyage Records 0.33
75--Mind Heart FingersTrevor Gordon Hall 0.33
7851Mystic PlacesPhoenix RisingSelf Released 0.32
7922A New Age of Classical PianoChristopher BoscoleSelf Released 0.30
80--The Peace MessengerMark PinkusSelf Released 0.29
8063Impossible LandscapeDeeperNETSpotted Peccary Music 0.29
8052TenBreak of Reality 0.29
80--Node 2NodeDiN 0.29
80--The Ocean InsideMax Corbachoad21 Music 0.29
80--Union RoadDiane ArkenstoneEverSound 0.29
80--Full Of LoveDanny WrightMoulin D'or 0.29
80--The Pulse of BrazilV/AARC Music 0.29
80--Daylight SlowlyJeff PearceHypnos Recordings 0.29
80--In Touch With The StarsSyndromedaNeu Harmony 0.29
80--Silent Currents: Live at Star's EndErik WølloProjekt 0.29
80--BoundlessTim Glemser 0.29
80--The Sleepover Series, Vol. IIHammockHammock Music, LLC 0.29
80--Music That Matters: Relaxing Music Benefiting Lovelight, Helping South African Children in NeedV/ANew Vision Music 0.29
8086Spiraling, Ascending with PrayerLouie GonnieCanyon Records 0.29
96--Celebrate BrazilV/AARC Music 0.28
96--MUNAMarketa IrglovaAnti 0.28
96--Euro-OttomaniaPrague Symphony OrchestraBrilliant Classics 0.28
9667In a Time Lapse: The RemixesLudovico EinaudiPonderosa Music & Art 0.28
9698The JourneyGareth LaffelyRoaring Brook 0.28
96--SojournJim GabrielSelf Released 0.28
9680AtmospheresRudy AdrianSpotted Peccary Music 0.28
9698Comin' Home BabyThe Reese ProjectVectorDisc 0.28
96--FaultlineRedshiftA Distant Sun Production 0.28
96--Light on the WaterTimothy CooperNew Piano Age Music 0.28
96--Sanctuary II: EarthSherry FinzerHeart Dance Records 0.28
96--Shanti OrchestraRicky KejRaveolution Studios 0.28
96--Excursion ThreeAltusEarth Mantra 0.28
9668FiredanceKaya ProjectInterchill Records 0.28
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