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    News & Notes
  • The ZMR 2015 Music Awards.
    Nomination Voting is now Closed! Good luck to all the nominees. The Winners will be announced Live in New Orleans on May 7th at the ZMR Live Music Awards Concert. See you at the show.
  • Congratulations to Jeff Oster
    His CD "Next" placed Number One on the 2015 Top 100 Airplay Chart.
  • Congratulations Josefine and Trine Opsahl! Their CD Unbroken Dreams placed Number One on the February 2016 Top 100 Chart.
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
    Portraits In Season by Charles Denler
    Moon and Shadows by Barbara Hills
    Starlight Starbright by Candice Night
    Safe in Your Arms by Scott Cossu
    Asia Beauty by Ron Korb
    Surrounding Sky by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran
    Bloom Road by Dan Kennedy
  • Bill Binkelman's latest CD reviews from Binkelman's Corner:

    Spiritus by David Wahler
    Moon and Shadows by Barbara Hills
    Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
    Eight Winds by Bob Ardern
    Across The Water by Bill Leslie
    Safe in Your Arms by Scott Cossu
    Starlight Starbright by Candice Night
    Sky Before A Storm by Gareth
    Asia Beauty by Ron Korb
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Across The Water by Bill Leslie
    The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning
    Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
    Keys of Light by Dan Chadburn
    Love Language by Wouter Kellerman
    It's About Love by Karen Marie Garrett
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for CD reviews, we have initiated a CD Review Policy. Click here to read.
  • Featured Recording Advertising Info
    Time and Again
    Bob Kilgore

    Listen to the title track Time and Again

    "Time and Again" is an absolutely fantastic recording as well as one of the most enjoyable acoustic guitar centric albums I've heard in a long time. Bob has masterfully weaved many musical styles together, while touching on several cultures and geographical influences. "Time and Again" is enthusiastically recommended to those who enjoy both stellar guitar-playing and innovative, multi-genre music."
    - Candice Michelle -

    "Time and Again" is Bob Kilgore's first album since "Metamorphoses", which released in 2011. "Metamorphoses" climbed to #13 on ZMR's Top 100 Chart and was nominated for ZMR's "Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic" that year. R.J. Lannan gave "Metamorphoses" an Excellent rating and included it in his Top 10 Albums of 2011.

    "Probably one of the most exciting albums to come into fruition for 2011... this music contains some of the best compositions I've ever heard; dramatic, intricate and meticulously performed"
    - R.J. Lannan - Zone Music Reporter

    Additional Featured Recordings
    Signature - Synchronicity
    Fiona Joy
    Lynn Yew Evers
    All Is One-One Is All
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  • CHAKRA NOIR by Al Gromer Khan
  • "I had been intrigued to hear the latest Al Gromer Khan album; I had heard rumours that this would be his best work for many..."
    - Steve Sheppard, General Member Reviews
  • II by Andy Iorio
  • "Andy Iorio is the best kind of alchemist. Yes, he is a composer and pianist, but his talent lies in perfectly blending classical..."
    - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board
  • Where Butterflies Dance by Ann Sweeten
  • "Ann Sweeten is one of those rare performers who play’s with her heart on her sleeve; she produces emotive soundscapes that..."
    - Steve Sheppard, General Member Reviews
  • All Is One - One Is All by Gandalf
  • "I have long been a fan of the music of Gandalf, with memories of Dreamweaver and the ever beautiful Between Earth and Sky being..."
    - Steve Sheppard, General Member Reviews
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