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    News & Notes
  • And The Winners Are: The winners of the ZMR 2014 Music Awards, as awarded in New Orleans on May 17, 2014.have been posted. Congratulations to all the Finalists! To view the Winners click here.
  • Congratulations Jeff Oster! His CD Next placed Number One on the June 2015 Top 100 Chart.
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    Bridge To Vallabha by Tina Malia
    Forgotten Road by Eamonn Karran
    Patterns of Sun and Shade by Kathryn Kaye
    Ludovico Einaudi: Portrait by Angele Dubeau w/ La Pieta
    One Journey by Ryan Ryan Stewart
    Love is the Healer by Aeone
    Flute Flight by Sherry Finzer and Mark Holland
    Heart Song by Elise Lebec
    Sound Swell by Sound Swell
  • Bill Binkelman's latest CD reviews from Binkelman's Corner:

    Asia Beauty by Ron KorbMississippi by Eric Tingstad
    Winding Down by David Nevue
    Imaginings by Paul Adams, David Hoffman, Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi
    Heart Song by Elise Lebec
    Heart of Silence by Peter Kater & Michael Brant DeMaria
    Fire In The Rainstorm by Kori Linae Carothers
    Another Time, Another Place by Robin Spielberg
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Keys of Light by Dan Chadburn
    Love Language by Wouter Kellerman
    It's About Love by Karen Marie Garrett
    Beyond Borders by Randy Armstrong & Volker Nahrmann
    Mind Heart Fingers by Trevor Gordon Hall
    MOKSHA by Ray Spiegel Ensemble
  • Both Sides Now! RJ Lannan and Bill Binkelman have agreed to go one-on-one in our latest review board Both Sides Now Their contrast in style should make for some interesting reading. Thier latest reviews are:

    Wings II: Return To Freedom by 2002
    Forgiving Dreams by Damon Buxton
    Renaissance of Grace by Aurora Juliana Ariel
    Love Is Everythimg by Fumosonic
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for CD reviews, we have initiated a CD Review Policy. Click here to read.
  • Featured Recording Advertising Info
    Shaman Earth Dance
    Nanda Re

    "Shaman Earth Dance" by Nanda Re

    "Malimba Records has done it again - released a recording that is a true revelation and also sets the bar high in its respective genre (chant). Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nanda Re has collected chants and mantras from around the word (Aramaic, Jewish, Sufi, Lakota, Sanskrit, Yoruba, Christian, and West African) and married them to fluid melodies and an assortment of rhythms, some energetic and fiery, others more of a sensual slow-burn. Wielding various instruments (drums, percussion, didgeridoo, strings, and synths) with artistry and dexterity, the talented artist weaves an entrancing, enchanting web of earthy, primal intensity and sublime beauty."
    - Bill Binkelman for Retailing Insight magazine

    Listen to a radio track on SoundCloud:
    Available also from these online retailers: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more.
    Purchase or read more on Nanda Re:

    Watch the video:

    Additional Featured Recordings
    Learning To Fly
    Neil Tatar
    Paul Adams
    Bernward Koch
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  • Songs of Leaving by Angelo Rapan
  • " While Angelo Râpan’s musical career has been extremely diverse, to say the least, this new release finds him exploring a..."
    - Michael Diamond, General Member Reviews
  • 11:11 City of love by Shakila
  • "There is a certain synchronicity for me reviewing this album, I use to run an 11:11 website for a few years and have had many..."
    - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, General Member Reviews
  • Surrounding Sky by Al Jewer
  • "Oracle opens the album; this is a passionate floating slice of genius with the magical flute and sumptuous bass, creating a..."
    - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, General Member Reviews
  • Forgotten Road by Eamonn Karran
  • "I am a musical traveler of sorts, so when I read the title of Eamonn Karran's latest release, Forgotten Road, I was..."
    - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board
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