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  • The Top 100 Airplay Recordings of 2016 is now on line. Congratulations to all the artists who made the chart. Click here to view the results.
  • The 13th Annual ZMR Music Awards Concert.
    The All for the details are available at the following link: ZMR Awards Concert
  • The 13th Annual ZMR Music Awards.
    The Nominees for this years awards has been released. You can view them at Award Category Nominees Are:.
  • Congratulations Kathryn Kaye! Her CD Reflected In A Flowing Stream placed Number One on the February 2017 Top 100 Chart.
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    When the Sea Lets Go by Vin Downes
    Elysian by Lynn Yew Evers
    A Hero's Journey by Karen Olson and Crispin Barrymore
    Matters of Balance by Richard Carr
    Piano 3 by Andrew Shapiro
    Longitudes & Latitudes by Lawrence Blatt
    Beau soir de noŽl by Trio Beau Soir
    Echoes of Christmas by Louis Colaiannia and Brittany Dymond
  • Bill Binkelmn's latest CD reviews from Binkelman's Corner:

    Beyond the Clearing by Robert Linton
    On Eagle Mountain by Todd Mosby
    Paradise Painting by Uwe Gronau
    Mystic by Al Conti
    Landscapes Of The Heart by Gary Schmidt
    Beyond Dreams - Pathways to Deep Relaxation by Hennie Bekker
    Life by Michele McLaughlin
    Four Days in My Life by Louis Colaiannia
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Across The Water by Bill Leslie
    The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning
    Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
    Keys of Light by Dan Chadburn
    Love Language by Wouter Kellerman
    It's About Love by Karen Marie Garrett
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for CD reviews, we have initiated a CD Review Policy. Click here to read.
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    Michele McLaughlin

    "Life is an ever changing sphere, and on this album the artist has not only created something deeply moving and special, Michele McLaughlin has re-written the book on musical storytelling and narration and raised her own personal bar higher than ever expected, a truly stunning release that is utterly recommended."
    - Steve Sheppard of One World Music

    "Life is Michele McLaughin's new solo piano album and it's yet another showcase for both her composing and her performing talents. The music on Life is, well, the music of life, or at least one woman's life. Really listen to it and you will doubtless come to know Michele McLaughlin as more than just a recording artist, as she gives you a window into what has shaped her so far in her personal journey to the here and now."
    - Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter and Wind & Wire


    Available on: iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Official Website

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    Ed & Stacy Bonk
    Ph: (905) 470-1230

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    Anaya Music
    Dream Cycle
    Michael Whalen
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  • Greatest Hits Vol. 2 by Steven Vitali
  • "Greatest Hits Vol. 2 is a collection of sixteen pieces culled from a three-decade span of works by California-based..."
    - Candice Michelle, General Member Reviews
  • Beyond the Clearing by Robert Linton
  • "While the acoustic guitar instrumental field will never be as populous as the piano genre, it is still increasing in volume of..."
    - Bill Binkelman, Binkelman's Corner
  • On Eagle Mountain by Todd Mosby
  • "Todd Mosby's On Eagle Mountain is notable for two reasons (besides the fact of how good an album it is, obviously). One is..."
    - Bill Binkelman, Binkelman's Corner
  • Paradise Painting by Uwe Gronau
  • "Keyboard artist/synthesizer wizard Uwe Gronau sure does love his Hammond B3 organ. No surprise there since he also loves to make..."
    - Bill Binkelman, Binkelman's Corner
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